Project 365 – Week 6

Day 33 – Sunday 2nd February – was a really special day for us – my daughter did a workshop with the Royal Ballet. I thought I would get some really beautiful photos, but we weren’t allowed. All I got was this.


Day 34 – Monday 3rd February – yet more transformation to our hall – new wooden venetian blinds on our massive window.


Day 35 – Tuesday 4th February – a work day and another view of Gloucester docks (yes, the sky was blue briefly!).


Day 36 – Wednesday 5th February – driving home from work in the rain. I won’t miss the traffic jams and the hours spent in the car when I leave!

Day 37 – Thursday 6th February – we’ve got a new settee and my daughter has already decided which is her favourite bit. She leaves Teddy there to save her space!
Day 38 – Friday 7th February – my younger son hasn’t had his own room since he was a toddler. I love how much he is enjoying his own space.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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