What she wore: Joules horse dress

My daughter was lucky enough to get vouchers for one of her favourite shops, Joules, for Christmas. And even luckier that the sales were on when she went shopping!

After much careful deliberation, she stuck with what she loves – jumper dresses! This dress is a lovely raspberry colour and has a quirky horse design on the front – the horse is wearing wellies, what’s not to love?! It set her back £30, rather than £45, which is still about twice what we’d normally pay for a jumper dress, but we know we’re getting good quality.

As she’s coming up for 8 now and Joules sizes are quite small, we went for the 9-10 (she’d normally wear age 8 in Joules). This means it will last into next winter too as we’re already halfway through the A/W season and want to get some good wear out of it (roll on spring, please!).


The dress is a perfect match for the laces in her gorgeous Clarks shoes. She wore it with her favourite beige spotty tights from Next. They didn’t seem like the obvious choice at first, but they are a very similar colour to the horse – and the horse is spotty too! My daughter doesn’t make any fashion choices without thinking these things through VERY thoroughly.

This is a gorgeous outfit and we’re both very pleased she got Joules vouchers for Christmas.

My daughter has a long-standing obsession with jumper dresses – you can read about more of them herehere and here

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Lovely dress. Your Daughter does have a eye for nice shoes. I’d so wear those with a dress and woolly tight just like she has

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  2. you daughter has such an eye for fashion. even her hair bands match the horses boots. lovely to see an individual style.

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  3. Thanks very much, ladies!
    I absolutely love those shoes, Candace!
    I hadn’t even noticed how she’d matched the hair bands up until I saw the pics, MrsTutey! She thinks everything through so carefully. I like to think I set the ground rules early on for her to develop her own style! 😉

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  4. I neeeeeed those shoes. I doubt id get them in adult size ten though. Pretty dress

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  5. Thanks very much, Kim! She really does! I’d like to say she gets it all from me… But she has her own style which is way better than mine!
    I need them too, Julie! I guess they don’t do them in an 8 either!

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  6. Thanks very much, WLTBaYM, she really does put outfits together well. x

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  7. Those shoes are lovely, I like those. Very cool. Clarks have come a long way, haven’t they! The jumper dress is lovely. Joules clothing is fab quality. I do love to buy a bit of Joules when I’m feeling flush! x

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  8. Thanks very much, Alex. Clarks certainly have come a long way, there was nothing like these in my day!

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