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Well, it’s the new year and there can be no more apt prompt for me on The Gallery this week than ‘new’. Regular readers will know that for me right now that can only mean one thing – new house. I don’t know what there is left to say about our new house that I haven’t said already. But for people who don’t read my blog religiously, here is the potted history of our new house…

It’s just round the corner from where we used to live and I’ve had my eye on it for years.

We knew the owners were getting old and frail and they couldn’t stay here forever, so we wrote to them asking if they would consider selling.

They invited us over to look round and we loved it even more than we expected to.

The timing was perfect as they had just found a house to move to. They agreed to sell it to us if we could sell ours. No agents, no for sale sign, just us buying it from them.

We were supposed to move in on 22nd November, but instead we moved into my friend’s empty house two doors down from our old place.

On 7th January we finally got the keys to our new house!

We spent four days painting the bedrooms and got new carpets in them.

On 11th January we moved out of my friend’s house and into the new house.

Some parts are horrible, but it is a work in progress. It is an amazing house and I’m sure we’re going to be very happy here.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my new house in all its glory. The good, the bad and the ugly…




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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Wow the windows look huge. It does look like it has so much potential. It’s going to be amazing isn’t it?

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  2. It looks lovely although I see what you men about the bathrooms! But as Tas said, it has potential and that is the important thing, it’s yours now and you can make it your home over time. I hope that you will all be really happy there.

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  3. Wow I love it. Especially that huge window, you can replace the glazing and make an amazing stair space there. Love the bathrooms!!! Really pleased for tippy Sarah xx

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  4. It’s fab! So much potential there….I’ve watched enough home improvement shows to see that lol
    I think you will make it a beautiful home. Can’t wait to see more pictures as you make the house your own. xXx

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  5. It’s beautiful….from the outside! I am certain you will make the inside look just as lovely. A work in progress – I take my hat off to anyone who is brave enough to take that on. Well done 🙂

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  6. So happy that you’ve got the house of your dreams…looks like you may have a project or two, but a fab thing to put your stamp on a home. We’re renovating a Victorian house too…..let’s just say it’s a labour of love!

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  7. Awesome house 🙂 looks amazing. Great that you got what you wanted.

    You collected the keys on my birthday too! Great day haha! x

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  8. Looks like an amazing house with lots of potential! Enjoy your new home.

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  9. So glad you’re in Sarah. It looks beautiful and it won’t take much to make it feel like home 🙂

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  10. I’m glad you gave me a potted history of your house move as I haven’t been over for a read for a while now (sorry about that!). Exciting times ahead.

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  11. Congratulations on your new home – it looks lovely and I’m sure you will have it how you want it in no time!

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  12. The bathroom is impressive! Our old house had a ‘flamingo pink’ suite, which was pretty awful. I was glad to see it go. The house looks fabulous.

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  13. I’m so looking forward to reading about the transformation. Congrats on making your dreams come true 🙂

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  14. Congratulations on the new house – hope all the work goes smoothly x

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  15. Thanks very much, everyone! Glad you all like it.
    It is a lovely house, with lots of potential, but really hard work at the moment!

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