Getting the keys

Way back when our move first went pear-shaped we exchanged contracts on the new house and were given a final completion date of 10th January. But it could have been earlier. It could even have been before Christmas.

It soon became clear it wasn’t going to be much earlier. We heard the lady was moving out of the house on 6th January. So could we have it on the 7th? We’d waited long enough. Surely they wouldn’t make us wait until the 10th?

It wasn’t until the world went back to work on 2nd January that we heard we could have the house from the 7th. For a few hours it looked like we would even get it from the 6th. Then there was a last-minute final hiccup and then we GOT THE KEYS!


There has to be some advantages to spending seven weeks living in a rented house. A big one is that you don’t have to move out and move in at the same time. The new house is amazing, but it is firmly stuck in the 80s. It needed brightening up and modernising – new carpets and a lick of paint. And we could do at least some of that before filling it with our junk stuff!

Standing outside the house with the keys and opening the front door for the first time, it really didn’t feel real. OUR HOUSE. The house we’d waited for for so long. The house we knew we would get, but somehow felt it would never happen.

It really is an amazing house. It’s quite unique – and quite big! Standing outside the front door, you really get a feel for how brilliant it is. It was hard to take in.

But there was no time for standing admiring it and pondering on it. There was work to be done!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’m excited for you!
    I hope you’re taking lots of pictures for the before and after album. We did that and it’s amazing the difference a few changes have made, as ours was also stuck in the 80’s.
    Have fun! x

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  2. So exciting! You’re finally there! Look forward to seeing it, and as you say, brilliant advantage being able to decorate etc. before moving in x

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  3. Oops hit send too quickly…. I was going to say hope its going well with the painting (and eventually with the avocado bathroom!)

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  4. Thanks very much, ladies! It’s very exciting and we’re working hard on it to eradicate the 80s from the bedroom at least!
    Good to know you were able to make changes fairly easily, Tracy!
    Will keep posting and sharing pics as I go on so you’ll be able to follow progress, Reading Residence!
    Painting going well, Notmyyearoff, the avocado bathroom (and the pink bathroom and the blue bathroom) will be a longer term project! Would you believe we have two bathrooms and two extra toilets and they are all different colours?!

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  5. Yay and hurrah all in one! Glad you’re finally completed and ready to rock. It’s been a roller coaster ride we’ve followed and am so please for you all that it’s finally happened.

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  6. Yay, you’re in at last! Are you going to paint this door pink?! (it was pink wasn’t it?)

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  7. So so glad you finally have those keys in your hands. Sending lots of love and happiness for your new home xx

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  8. woohoo! So glad you are in 😉 Looking forward to hearing (or reading rather) all about how the house progresses! 😉 xx

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  9. Thanks very much, ladies! Such a relief to be in. I can promise you rather a lot of posts on the subject of the house and DIY in the coming weeks!

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  10. Popping over again from #MagicMoments Sarah. Hope all’s going well! Loved the photo of getting your daughter to help with the decorating :o)

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  11. A big project to take on but a perfect #magicmoment. Wishing you lots of fun and happiness there.

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  12. YAY !! i am so pleased you finally have your keys .. even if it now means decorating!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

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  13. Oh wow this takes me back to when we bought our “derelict” house nearly 4 years ago. There was soooo many scary hairy moments, but there soon disappeared once we moved in! Best feeling EVER… All the best in the new house 🙂 x

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  14. I’m so pleased that you’re finally in! Have been loving your Instagram updates 🙂 Enjoy xx

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  15. I love this story so much Sarah – how fantastic that you’ve finally got the keys to the house of your dreams – destiny 🙂 xx

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  16. Thanks very much, everyone!
    Good to hear yours turned out well, Leanne!
    There will be plenty more updates, that’s for sure, everyone!
    I think it was our destiny, Emily. x

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