What she wore: Cosy winter outfit

My daughter really loves her rabbit jumper dress from Next So much so, that she rarely wears anything else. Seriously, that’s why I haven’t done many fashion posts lately! The dress is comfortable and looks both cute and stylish.

Now winter is properly upon us and we’re living in a cold house, a jumper dress isn’t enough to keep her warm. Naively, I thought the obvious thing to wear with it would be a cardigan – she has a pale pink one which would fit the bill perfectly. My daughter has other ideas. She thinks the perfect thing is her brown owl face jumper from Next. And, to be fair to her, it does work! (Although she has to be careful, a jumper does tend to make her dress ride up somewhat, something she is totally oblivious to!)


Her latest favourite tights to wear it with are these spotty ones, from a Next three-pack, which have already won lots of fans among my blog readers.

When she’s out and about, she wears the whole outfit with her smart Joules coat and her lovely blue Clarks shoes, which are pretty much the nicest shoes I’ve ever seen (although they won’t be much use in the snow).


I love this outfit, which is a good job really, as I see it every Saturday and Sunday without fail. I think it suits her age perfectly. She’s gone past the ‘explosion in a pink paint factory’ stage, but it’s still a little girl’s outfit, rather than a teenager’s, or even a tween’s. She looks like a little lady. Which is exactly what she is.

I must say I’m quite looking forward to her wearing something different over Christmas though!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Thanks very much, ladies! She does look lovely 🙂 I’m going to be persuading her into some different outfits over Christmas though! x

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