What she wore – Next rabbit jumper dress

I never thought I’d see the day, but as she gets a bit older, my daughter is starting to get a bit lazy with what she wears. She’s incredibly clean, so has taken to leaving clothes out and wearing them the next day. All those lovely clothes in her wardrobe and she keeps wearing the same thing!

And one thing which gets worn more than most is this gorgeous rabbit jumper dress from Next. Jumper dresses have been a real staple of her wardrobe for some time now. She’s always loved dresses, but only jumper dresses are properly practical for every day.

I may have influenced her choice of this particular dress. I am, and always have been, obsessed with rabbits. I am a complete sucker for anything with a rabbit on it. Some girls of her age might see the dress as a bit babyish, but not my daughter, and for that I’m very grateful.

So this dress takes her to watch football on Saturday and rugby on Sunday, or maybe a friend’s house or the cinema in half-term, then a ride on her scooter. It really does work for her anywhere.

The more observant among you may notice she’s wearing exactly the same tights she wore with her Sainsburys skirt In building her wardrobe around that skirt, we bought tights to match the skirt, then dresses to match the tights! I bought her two different packs of three tights from Next, but this cable-knit pair is by far the favourite! Once more she’s wearing her amazing new Clarks shoes, which are suede with a leather trim and tiny little red hearts in the ‘brogue holes’ (as I’m going to call them) and the lovely ribbon laces. They are so stylish, I think they might have even beaten last year’s pink Clark’s brogues as the best shoes ever!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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