What she wore: F&F girls’ partywear

You can’t beat a good party dress if you’re 7 years old. Many people would agree that you can’t beat one if you’re 37 or 47 either. So my daughter was VERY excited to assemble a party outfit from F&F at Tesco.

We started where all girls should start – with the dresses. And we instantly saw a dress that we BOTH fell in love with! It’s great that we have the same tastes. The Signature swan print prom dress is simply one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen. And I’m not exaggerating! It looked beautiful on screen, but it even more beautiful when we saw it in the flesh (probably not the right word, but we’ll go with it).


It has a stunning watercolour effect of swans swimming by moonlight and is 100% cotton, although it feels like silk, and has a mesh skirt underneath to give it a proper sticky-out party skirt.


Having chosen the dress, we built the rest of the wardrobe around it.

You can’t wear woolly tights with such a beautiful dress, so she chose these black opaque diamond pattern tights – the most grown up tights she’s ever had.

I would have liked her to go a bit edgy and rock it with some chunky black boots, but my daughter decided to play it safe and chose these bow pumps. You may be surprised to discover that, at the age of 7, she’s never had anything like this before. This is partly because I like her to have practical clothing which has lots of uses and partly because she has funny-shaped feet – wide at the front and narrow at the back. So she was very pleased to get some of these shoes for the first time ever.


Sadly it is winter, and a dress doesn’t keep you warm, even a really beautiful one. So what to wear with it?

She went for two options, which can be worn separately or together (they look best with just one of the options though!). The first thing she chose was the metallic sheen jersey blazer, which is really comfortable, yet smart as well. From a distance it looks almost tweed, but it’s actually made of sweatshirt-type material, which is great.

The final thing she chose was the metallic knitted, cropped shrug. She didn’t know what colour to choose, but was happy with black, which was the only colour available. She also had to go up a size as her size wasn’t available, but that was fine as it’s cropped. This looks really good with the dress and is great for a party or Christmas day, although it’s not very warm.


My daughter was very happy with her Christmas outfit and so am I!

We bought: 

  • F&F signature swan print prom dress – £22
  • F&F metallic knitted shrug – £10
  • F&F metallic sheen jersey blazer -£12
  • F&F grosgrain bow pumps – £5
  • F&F 2 pair pack opaque diamond patterned tights – £3

We were given £50 to spend on F&F partywear for the purposes of this review. All views are our own.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. That’s so pretty, the colours are really nice on it. Tescos clothes seem to get nicer and nicer!

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  2. Thanks very much, Tas. It really is beautiful! I’ve never bought many Tesco clothes before, but I will definitely be checking them out in future!

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  3. Lovely choices! The dress is beautiful. I very nearly bought the same blazer! We got the cardi in purple! You’ll see mine in an hour or so when I hit publish! xx

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  4. Aww great outfit, my daughter would love this. Going to check out the range when we go shopping next 🙂

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  5. Such a pretty dress and seems really unique as well. Not going to see many of those around (even if it is from F&F)

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  6. Thanks very much, ladies. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The cardigan is fab isn’t it, Emma D! x

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  7. Oh wow! That is amazing!! I would totally wear that myself. F&F really do some lovely stuff! x

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  8. I didn’t realise they did such lovely things! Thanks very much, Alex 🙂 x

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