Saturday is moving caption day!

Here’s a photo of my kids watching telly. Can you caption them?

What? You can’t see them?

Oh, did I mention that we just moved house? They really are there, honest.

So hit me with your best caption…



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I know mum said we needed more exercise but with this obstacle course she had taken it too far!

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  2. We thought we’d chill out and see what’s on the box… (Hope you’re doing ok!) xx

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  3. Thinking outside the box is sooo 2012, living outside the box is bang on trend now!

    (hope you get settled in soon x)

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  4. Mum said we had to use our imaginations when it came to playing. I’m not sure she had this in mind.

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  5. Wow we’ve got our very own mountain in our living room, MT Boxmore

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  6. Now where are those Christmas decorations?

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  7. Now, I know mum wanted to reduce our screen time… But this is a bit extreme!
    (Hope everything’s going ok!)

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