Did you sing that as Freddie Mercury? I really hope you did.

Anyway, when it comes to packing, I am a ‘take the kitchen sink’ kind of girl. I am not a free spirit, who can just drop everything and go. I need to think, to prepare. And to pack everything I possess. Just in case.

This is because we holiday in Padstow where 18 degrees and cloudy is considered a good day. And 12 degrees and rainy is not unusual. In August.

So I pack coats and jumpers and sunhats and suncream and sandals. I don’t pack wellies. But that’s because the car is already rammed full. Otherwise I would.

I take Calpol and Calprofen and the thermometer and the first aid kit and Piriton. Just in case.

But going to Barcelona is a different matter. Because it’s going to be HOT. How do I get myself out of my usual packing mindset? Leave the jumpers behind and focus on shorts and summer dresses?

I decided on just one pair of jeans for me – a very brave move, I thought. I allowed us all two jumpers/ hoodies each, but NO COATS! That was a weird thing. And only two pairs of shoes each – one pair of trainers and one pair of Crocs/ flip flops. It was strangely liberating and strangely easy.

We looked at the weather forecast for Barcelona a few days before we set off – 26, 27, 28… And then something changed. Suddenly we were looking at 19, 21… Not dissimilar from Padstow really. I would need more than one pair of jeans.

Then my husband mentioned the showers. Should we take kagoules? NO! Where are we going? We’re going abroad! This isn’t supposed to happen. But we took them.

And while he was distracted pondering the kagoule question, I got away with this. Because I can’t trust my daughter to drink strange drinks. So I sneaked these in – two cartons of orange juice, one carton of apple juice and one bottle of Fruit Shoot for her per day. I’d told my husband how many cartons we needed and he was relieved when he realised ‘cartons’ meant these tiny ones, not litre ones! After months of saying we couldn’t take them, he agreed without a fight.

Normally when we go away or out for the day I’m like a pack horse, weighed down by a massive heavy bag full of everyone’s stuff. This time I made the kids all carry their own stuff – a small bag for sunhats, sunglasses and drinks. It was easy for them, but it saved me a lot of hassle. Why didn’t I do this years ago?

No, I didn’t make her push the suitcase, that was her choice!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Tell me about it! I am overly and stupidly cautious! Thanks very much for commenting, Lesley, I really appreciate it 🙂

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  2. Oh my gosh – you are JUST the same as me!! I have to pack everything ‘just in case’. The worst thing is we are going on holiday just after we move and just after BritMums live so you can imagine the state I’m in!! And I did sing that but more like Montserrat Cabelle! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo lovely xx

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  3. This is very funny – I’m the same and my husband and I have very bad arguments about this EVERY time we go on holiday. I can’t leave anything to chance.
    Too old to change now.
    Found your blog on #PoCoLo

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  4. Glad to hear others sang it like Freddie – and that others need to be prepared! Tori – I would be in complete tailspin if I had holiday, moving and BML. I literally couldn’t cope!
    Reckon I’m too old to change to chenekoscielny!
    Thank you all for commenting, I really appreciate it 🙂

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