Weekend away

Parents get time off for good behaviour, don’t they? A weekend away together once or twice a year? Maybe a weekend with friends too. If they’re really lucky, even a week long holiday with their friends.

Not in this house they don’t.

I have been a parent for nearly 12 years and I have NEVER had a weekend away with my husband. Or my friends. There were one or two weddings and one hen night in the early days, when we had just one child. And that’s it.

We dreamed of a weekend away, but never dared ask if my parents would babysit. They do so much for us all anyway. The kids aren’t their responsibility, they’re ours. We didn’t have kids to be jetting off to London or Paris for the weekend. We had them to look after them.

And then out of the blue, my mum dropped into the conversation, maybe my husband and I might like a couple of nights away sometime? I couldn’t believe it. We were so excited. It’s all tied in with our impending milestone birthdays

I immediately said I’d like to go to Amsterdam. My husband is always saying we should go there. But when it came to it, he wasn’t so keen. He’d been twice before – both times on stag nights, admittedly. He might prefer Paris, but I’d been there twice before.

So we went into a frenzy of decision making – assisted by friends on twitter…

  • Rome
  • Berlin
  • Stockholm
  • Copenhagen
  • Milan
  • Madrid
  • Florence
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Belfast
  • London
  • Paris
  • Prague

We had to fly from Birmingham or Bristol – we didn’t want one of our nights away to be staying in an airport hotel at Heathrow or Gatwick because of the early flight! And we didn’t want to cut our already short trip even shorter by getting a mid-afternoon flight from a distant airport.

Rome looked beautiful. And we had demons to exorcise in Italy. But we just couldn’t fit the flights into our tight time schedule. It was the same for Spain too.

I’d always quite fancied Scandinavia, but my husband was determined we should go somewhere warmer. Or, at the very least, somewhere not colder.

It all kept coming back to Amsterdam. So we booked it.

We’re not going until October, as June is already busy and we certainly don’t want to go away in the school holidays if we don’t have to.

I am VERY excited.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Yay!!! I’ve never been to Amsterdam but always wanted to go. So much to do and see, bet it’ll be an amazing trip! 🙂

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  2. Thanks very much 🙂 I think it will! Even just getting away will be brilliant, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Amsterdam.

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  3. I’m excited for you!

    It’s wonderful being a parent but it is nice when you get the chance to be a couple again, without the “Muuuuummy” “Daaaaaddy” “Can I have?” chorus ringing in your ears…

    I hope you have a wonderful time. Maybe you will blog about it?…the bits fit for public viewing that is! 😉

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  4. Oh I’m all for these little breaks away as a couple, I don’t know how you’ve managed for so long without one! It will probably feel a little strange at first but it’s so worth it. Enjoy! X

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  5. You’ll love Amsterdam. So easy to get around, wonderful food. Fall in love all over again x.

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  6. So jealous, I’ve been wanting to go to Amsterdam for aaages! Our local airport has just started flying there too, so I just need to start working my magic on my Mum to see if she’ll be on babysitting duty!

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  7. I feel really pleased for you. I know you don’t leave your children lightly but it seems to me like you really deserve it, can’t wait to hear about it. I’ve never been to Amsterdam. x

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  8. Brilliant post. Only just “found” your blog. Sorry, I should have looked sooner, I wish I had.
    It sounds like you’re going to have a fab break in Amsterdam, and truly appreciate some “child-free” time. And no doubt you deserve it.
    I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but I’m told it’s lovely.

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  9. I hope you have an ace time! We haven’t even had one night away together yet! Xx

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  10. I’m glad its not just me who doesn’t get time away from the kids, and that eventually it does happen. I’ve only had one night away from my daughter (nearly 6) and I was 8 months pregnant with my son at the time, I’ve never been away from my son (nearly 4). My mum lives in France and my brother has just moved to Australia – so they are all a bit far away to dump the kids on for the weekend!

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  11. We had the same last year – wanted to go to Italy but time meant it not really viable (and expense for such a short return).

    Hope you have an amazing time – which I’m sure you will.

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  12. Thanks very much, everyone! I’m really looking forward to it.
    And I will definitely be blogging about it, I will have nothing to hide, Tracy! 😉
    It’s hard not having anyone to look after the kids, Kath. I’m lucky that my family are just around the corner, but still wouldn’t expect them to have the kids for a weekend unless they offered.

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