No more bright clothes

My younger son, for all his incredible intelligence and maturity, has always had lovely childlike qualities. He’s less in a hurry to grow up than his brother and has always been happy to be a little boy (despite the fact that he is so tall he comes up to my nose!).

Maybe it’s down to their place in the family, maybe it’s because he’s so bright he feels he has nothing to prove or maybe it’s down to when they were born… My eldest is one of the youngest in his school year and my younger son one of the oldest, so it stands to reason that my eldest would always be trying to keep up, while my younger son would have to hold back a bit. My younger son’s best friend, also highly intelligent, is a whole nine months younger than him and could easily pass for his little brother.

One of the ways this childlike innocence has always manifested itself is through his clothes. I wrote a little bit about that a few months ago. He’s alwas liked bright colours – red, bright green and, above all, yellow No navy, no brown, no khaki.

As the seasons change (in theory at least!) all the kids needed a few new clothes for the spring and summer, so we went shopping. We picked up the sorts of things he usually likes to help him choose  bright blue, bright green… and then he said it.

“I don’t like bright clothes any more.”

This made me incredibly sad. Sadder than it ought to. It’s a sign of him growing up, but it’s also a part of what made him who he is. The clothes he wore weren’t just little boys’ clothes, they were more than that. They really were very bright. They made him stand out – from his brother and from other boys. They made him unique. He already stands out by being so big and strong-looking, but the clothes were something else, they enhanced him, made him into the larger than life character we know and love.

And he doesn’t want them any more.

I don’t know when it started, it’s obviously happened gradually, without us really noticing. I suspect it was with a navy hoodie a friend bought him for Christmas. He loves that hoodie and he’s worn it to death. Suddenly everything seems to fit in with that hoodie. If he hadn’t had the hoodie, would he have changed anyway? I suppose he would. If not now, then soon enough.

When we went to the Malverns recently, he looked more like his old self – red Tshirt and yellow hoodie. And I realised I actually hadn’t seen him looking like that for quite a while.

My little boy is growing up.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It might just be a phase though, O went through this in his early teens and now aged 17 he wears bright colours again, I think it is a part if growing up but once they find out who they are they go back to wearing and being how they want to be.

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  2. Your little man is finding his own identity and I know how you feel. I got a lump in my throat reading the post. I’ve been through this twice so I can empathise. I’ve got it to come with my little boy…who is wandering about in his monkey socks and Cars 2 t shirt!

    Lovely post. x

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  3. It’s always bittersweet when they hit the age when they don’t want to be childlike anymore. He sounds as if he might hang onto some of his favourites still though xx

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  4. I dont care what mine wears, I just wish he would stop going through the knees by skidding on the grass!!

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  5. It’s another little piece of letting go, isn’t it? Flippin’ hard, though….

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  6. Aw, that’s a very poignant post. I will be so sad when my little boy begins to grow up…..I guess this is the first step 🙁

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  7. Thanks very much, everyone. It is sad, but it is good to know he might go back to his old favourites one day, Nikki. Cherish those Cars Tshirts while you still can, Tracy! Know why you mean about skidding on the gras, Sonya! Mine plays football in jeans and is permanently covered in grass stains! He normally grows out of his trousers before he gets a hole in them though – his age 9s are now revealing a good inch of sock!

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  8. Oh how poignant, the end of one era but the beginning of a new one. Your comment above made me chuckle as I saw about the same inch of sock in my son’s trousers the other day! They suddenly shoot up don’t they? x

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  9. They certainly do! I normally see the inch of sock in autumn after son has worn his shorts all summer then goes back to jeans in autumn. Sadly he hasn’t had much opportunity to wear his shorts this year. Thanks very much for commenting 🙂

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  10. Awww, it seems no matter the age there is a moment that Mothers look at their children and realise they are growing and changing. Our little boy is only 10 months, but he already wants his own independence. Walks off when he wants, picks the toys he wants and chooses who he cuddles. I guess it’s something we will get used to. Thankfully we have some years left of choosing his clothes 🙂

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  11. It just seems to happen all the time, My Two Mums! They get taller, more independent, they do new things… It’s fantastic sharing it with them, but you also want to slow it down a bit and enjoy them for that little bit longer. I think it’s incredible your little one is walking already! Thanks very much for commenting, I really appreciate it.

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  12. Aww, struck a chord with me. J has always been abit different in his taste in clothes too…and am starting to feel sad now be no longer opts for the spiderman combos. As they say, bitter sweet.

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  13. Aw bless him – it’s sad when they say this kind of thing. Hope you’ll get a bit more yellow jumper wearing out of him yet – they grow up much too fast.

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  14. Thanks very much, I do hope so! The good thing is, he’s still such a lovely boy. He hasn’t developed an attitude yet, so I might let him off the yellow jumpers for that! Thanks for commenting.

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