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I love the way small children are so obsessed by a particular colour. For little ones, their favourite colour is a very important part of what defines them. And so it was for us with yellow for my younger son and pink for my daughter. Those colours are still a big part of who they are today. But RED?!

When I saw that this week’s Gallery theme was red, my heart sank a little. What could I write about RED?!

Well, my kids are all Man Utd fans (yes, we’re southerners, but my husband isn’t, so it is ‘allowed’) and the boys play rugby in red, but is that really enough? Could I really write a whole blogpost on that?

But then it dawned on me. What a fool I’d been!

Because red has been a huge part of our lives five days a week, 39 weeks a year for as many as three family members at a time for the last seven and a half years. Yes, our primary school uniform is red:

Red badged sweatshirts

Red stripy PE shorts

Red badged book bags

Red badged school coats

Red badged baseball caps…

And then two and a half years ago we added some new things to the list:

Red badged school cardigan

Red gingham dresses

and my absolute favourite thing… white ankle socks trimmed with red gingham.

My eldest’s first day at school
The boys kicking up the leaves in their uniforms soon after my younger son started school
Linking in with The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. Go on over to see how other people have interpreted the theme ‘red’.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I love your elders school uniform. It’s so cute! I reckon there’ll be a lot of red attire in the gallery today 🙂

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  2. Aww, look at his first day at school – so cute! Red is one of my favourite colours. Our school uniform is navy – so boring!

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  3. Aww, gorgeous! If my daughter gets into the school we hope for she’ll be in red too! (the last comment was proof that I can’t touch type!)

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  4. You know, I couldn’t choose a photo this week because there is so much red. I think we are drawn to its warmth and vibrancy. Lovely photos x.

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  5. Love the one kicking up leaves. I have a similar one of me about that age!

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  6. Thanks very much, everyone! I love that leaf photo too, although I’d forgotten all about it until I went searching for appropriate Gallery images.
    I think red is a lovely colour for a primary school uniform. They are too young for boring navy, bottle green or maroon.

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  7. much more cheery than our dreary old uniform! Ankle socks trimmed with red gingham sound so sweet. Wondering if your lovely red sweatshirts have chewed cuffs? Or is that just my kids!

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  8. Love the leaf throwing pic – looks like they’re loving making a mess, but then what boy doesn’t?

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