Awards. Again?!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I am so grateful to the people who read my blog every day and write comments that make me smile. Others tell me face to face that the blog makes them laugh or cry. Every one of those comments means so much to me.

You lovely people nominated me for the MAD Blog Awards – so many of you that I found myself as a finalist completely unexpectedly. Two weeks on, I am still excited, humbled and in a state of shock about that one. Thank you all so much for your support.

And now, would you believe, there is another set of blogging awards – the BiBs – that’s Brilliance in Blogging run by BritMums Should I ignore it, should I just let people vote for me if they want to? Because I know that’s what my lovely fellow bloggers will do.


But what about the people who don’t know about blogs and blogging awards – the hardcore of my readers who have been with me from the start, the ones who tell me in person that my blog makes them laugh? Should I tell them about it? Am I being greedy asking for yet more nominations when I’ve already gone so far in one blogging competition?

Well, I’ve pondered it. And I’ve decided to write this. Because it’s your choice to vote or not, I’m not making you do it. If you enjoy reading my blog and can spare a few minutes, you can vote. Just like I spared a few minutes to vote for the blogs I love.

The categories are a bit more abstract than the MADs. I probably fit the family category best:

Blogging is cheaper than therapy (not that we would know). And sometimes sharing (over sharing?) family life stories can be a very satisfying process. These bloggers let it rip when it comes to writing about family life.

 or maybe the lifeststyle:

These blogs are personality-driven, where bloggers share stories, anecdotes, ideas and experiences about home, personal relationships and what it’s like to be them.

There are others that may work too. But not the craft one. I can’t even sew a button on. Or the food one. My food comes from Mr Dolmio.

You can vote here

This is what you need to know:

Blog name: MumofThree World
Blog URL:
Twitter ID: @sarahMo3W

It’s not obligatory, but you can enter details of a favourite post too. I know people who’ve said how much they liked my post on Colin the caterpillar, for example. Simply search ‘Colin’ in the box down the lefthand side of the blog – or go into the archive list and search for it that way (Colin was in June 2012). Feel free to tweet me if you want to check where to find a particular post.

The thing I like about these award is that you can also say why you are voting for someone. Again, it’s not obligatory, but I liked being able to say how much people inspired me or made me laugh or how they were supportive of other bloggers.

Thank you again for all your support.

I’ll shut up now.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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