This is my 500th blogpost!

It looked like my 500th blogpost was going to be a photo one, a Saturday caption day to be precise, and that didn’t seem right. Because my blog has always been about the words. I enjoy joining in with photo linkys – SatCap, Silent Sunday and The Gallery, but it will always come second to the words.

So I thought I’d better write something to commemorate this momentous occassion and reflect a little bit on how far I’ve come.

When I started my blog on a whim just over 18 months ago, I had no idea where it would go. I had no idea that people would read it.

I started it to record the funny questions my kids asked and it went from there. My only concern was what would happen when the questions dried up. I didn’t know I would start writing about other stuff too.

I’m pleased to say the questions are still there and they’re still making people laugh, although they appear about once a fortnight rather than every day. Linking in with Actually Mummy’s Wot so funee has helped them to make more people laugh.

Most of the time the blog is about family life and the things that happen to us and affect us. It can be funny, a little bit sad or thought-provoking. Sometimes it can even be a little bit embarassing. But it’s us. Warts and all. I hope on the whole we come out of it looking like OK people, because we are OK people. But we’re not OK people all of the time. We’re not perfect and I want to show that. I want people to relate to us – whether they’re going through the same, it’s something they’ve yet to encounter or it’s something they can look back on and laugh at.

I feel satisfied that I’ve written some pretty good stuff over the life of this blog. It’s not all amazing, of course it isn’t. Some of it has hardly been read. Last summer and last Christmas I took the opportunity to dig a few of these old posts out and either re-post them exactly as they were, or edit and update them slightly. I’m pleased that more people read them second time – and I’ve tried not to bore my most dedicated readers by making a habit of it.

A few months ago I started reviewing books. For no other reason than I like books. Not many people read my book reviews, but that’s no reason to stop.

Last summer I decided to do the networking thing and join in with Silent Sunday SatCap and Sticky Fingers – something I’d resisted for a year, because I didn’t think it was really ‘me’. I didn’t want my blog to be lost in trying to fit in and be too similar to others. And I didn’t want to lose my original readers, real life friends who have been with me and supported me from the start.

But the linkys are a good way of people discovering my blog and me discovering other blogs and they have helped it to grow from tiny to bigger than average. And to avoid looking like an idiot who has completely forgotten her roots and has disappeared up her own arse in blogland, I don’t post these links on my personal Facebook page.

Doing the linkys doesn’t mean I write less, it just means I post more often. Rather than posting five times a week as I used to do, I post every day. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t always have something to say, but somehow the material never seems to dry up.

For the first six to eight months of my blog’s life, it was read only be real, flesh and blood people that I actually know. I got about 500 views a month and was very proud of that. Slowly other people started to read my blog and the page views went up – to 1,000 a month and then 2,000. I hoped to hit 10,000 views by my blog’s first birthday, but I hit 12,500.

I can’t describe the excitement the first time I got 100 views in a day last summer. A hundred people reading my little blog in a single day! Why would they be interested? Then it became 100 most days. It started creeping towards 200, then 200 most days…

When my blog hit 18 months old at the start of the month I was averaging 250 views a day, or 7,500 views a month. I’d hit 43,000 views all time – a massive leap in six months.

Most bloggers are doing product reviews within months of starting to blog. Not me. To date I have had three products to review. And they are all things I’ve wanted to review. I’ve turned down things I didn’t feel comfortable with. I don’t blog to get ‘free stuff’ and I haven’t received any payments. I haven’t run a single competition on my blog. Never say never, but it’s not something I have any interest in doing right now.

My blog has changed and developed over the course of 18 months, but I’d like to think that the little blog about family life, appealing to people who know me and people who don’t, is still there. Right at the heart of it.

Will my blog still by here at 1,000 posts, or 2,000? I think so, I’ve got no intention of stopping any time soon.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Well done on your 500th post!!! I only discovered your blog fairly recently I think, through the linkies so I’m glad you decided to join those. And over 7000 hits is amazing! Your posts are always down to earth but so readable and enjoyable.

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  2. Well done on your 500th post and keeping your blog the way you want it

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  3. Congrats on the big 500! It made me go and have a look at mine, as had no idea how many- am on 450, tho my days of 2/3 a day are behind me, mostly! I don’t do many reviews either- one or two a month at most, and only if it is something that we could use or one of the kids would really like. You stats journey is so familiar- I remember the excitement of a hundred views in a day but we would both think of that as a ‘bad’ day now! Funny how things move on!!

    Keep up the most excellent work! xx

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  4. Well done on your 500th post. I think the linkys are a great way of finding new blogs and gaining new readers. I’ve certainly found it useful.

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  5. Thanks very much, everyone. Really appreciate your lovely comments 🙂
    The linkys have certainly been good for getting to know new blogs and for lovely people like Tas to read mine!
    Sonya – I would be so gutted if I got 100 views now! I haven’t had that for a long time, I’ve had a couple of 170s in the last month or so which have left me quite down! Ridiculous! X
    Thank you all for reading, really appreciate your support.

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  6. Happy 500th post day! I think that Linky’s are a great way to discover new reads, as well as enabling us to practice stuff like photography! 🙂

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  7. Thanks very much, they certainly are! I look at so many things now and think ‘that would make a Silent Sunday’ – things I would never have considered photographing before.

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  8. Well done you! I am only on post 520 and I completely missed 500 as the last few weeks have been a bit of a blur. You are an amazing blogger and you will certainly achieve a lot more than me and I wish you all the luck with it x

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