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There’s been only one type of adventure to have over the last few days – a snowy one!

On the day it snowed, the kids and me went to some small hills in the village for sledging. They sledged, rolled down hills and threw snowballs at every other kid in the village. And I got very cold feet.

But that wasn’t good enough for us. We needed more. Bigger, higher, faster. Snowier.

There’s some hills a few miles away that EVERYONE in town goes to when it snows. So we went up there early on Saturday to beat the rush – when the hills would be swarming with hundreds of families throwing themselves down the slopes.

It’s always cold there – even when it’s boiling hot and sunny everywhere else. We wrapped up WARM. We had so many layers on, I lost count. We headed for our usual car park, then realised we wouldn’t make it. It was way too slippy. We pulled in and walked the last bit – nearly slipping over as soon as we got out of the car.

Up on the hilll the snow was DEEP. To the top of my welllies.

It was well over the top of my girl’s wellies

‘We need to get a photo!’ says my husband. Followed by ‘You didn’t bring the real camera? I can’t believe you brought the camera up here!’

One hundred and two photos later…

It was very cold, the coldest I’d ever known it up there. I didn’t think we would survive long. But once we got moving, the cold was soon forgotten. The snow had drifted. It had filled up little basins in the hills and in other parts it was just a sprinkling. A very icy sprinkling. Perfect for plastic sledges to go sliding across.

We chose long slopes – not too steep – and the boys started sledging.

It terrified me at first seeing my younger son going down the hill seemingly at 100 miles an hour, flat on his front. It brought back memories of myself aged 11, sledging on the same hill, with the sledge going out of control and me desperate to fall off, but not having the sense to just make myself fall off. The sledge went over the side of a quarry. Luckily I grabbed on and was fine. My mum and dad were terrified of what they were going to find.

My son hit a bump, we all screamed at him to jump off. He carried on sledging until the sledge came to an abrupt halt and threw him into some very deep snow. He was fine. And he loved it.

Pretty soon my eldest was moaning about wet, cold feet. He had frostbite. Obviously.

He hadn’t done his walking boots up, they’d filled with snow and it had melted and soaked through his socks. He wanted to go home. We weren’t going anywhere, so he had to go and sit in the car on his own.

My daughter got braver and braver with the sledging. And so did I. It was great fun.

My son and husband had a very long race. They were both lying on their fronts and heading straight for some sort of sign thing to do with the golf course (I have no idea what it is actually for). They missed it by a whisker and carried on sledging. It looked scary, but brilliant.

I wondered if I could have a go. Not on my front of course.

I walked up the hill with my son. It was a long way and quite exhausting going uphill and trudging through snow. He told me I had to go on my front. Well, what was the worst that could happen? We weren’t near that quarry. There was just that golf sign thing.

When I was younger I liked doing things that were a bit dangerous, liked that feeling of exhiliration. But since having children I’ve been pretty risk averse. My main two aims in life are a) to keep my kids alive and b) to keep myself alive. Because who else would look after them if I wasn’t here?! Clearly going on an upside down ride at Alton Towers or going on an aeroplane isn’t going to kill us, but there’s a little part of me that still worries it might.

So we set off on our race. I hit some thick snow and fell straight off. Typical mummy.


Oh, the glamour!

My son was miles ahead. I got back on – and I went fast. Really, really fast. It was amazing. I hit a bump, I went up in the air, I landed and the sledge kept on moving. I was screaming and laughing. I beat my son by miles. I absolutely loved it.


Excitement, terror or both?!

It was such an adventure that everyone agreed we had to go back the next day. So we did. And we broke all three of our sledges.

I am writing this post in response to The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. Pop over to see how other people have interpreted the theme ‘adventure’.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Haha at least you had a go and it looks like you had a lot of fun even if you did go tumbling in the snow!!! 🙂

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  2. Oh very adventurous.
    We have only gone to the local park so far. Maybe when our youngest are a little bigger we will venture to the hills – looks like fun.

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  3. Looks fabulous and so many photos! I love sledging too 🙂

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  4. You broke your sledges?! Blimey, that really was extreme sledging! You did better than us – we waited until the afternoon and the slopes were rubbish 🙁

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  5. It was brilliant fun, thanks everyone! I never expected to join in, but there was no stopping me once I’d had a go! Breaking the sledges was a surprise, will have to replenish them at some random time of the year when no-one else wants to buy them!
    Thank you all for your comments, I really appreciate them.

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  6. Great photos. I will be sad when my son is big enough to go on the sledge by himself. I loved sledging last week!

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  7. Thanks very much! You just have to make sure you have enough sledges to go round, so you can all have your own!

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  8. Love sledging. It was manic here this year. We only have one hill and everyone uses it. Even more dangerous. Brilliant!

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  9. The pics of you are great- such a fun mum getting involved… nice to see someone as clumsy as me (I always fall off) and loving sledging too 🙂

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  10. Wow how deep is the snow?! We only had a dusting of snow. Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

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  11. Lovely post and pics. I thought about sledging on my front the other day, but chickened out. Feel now that I really should give it a go!

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  12. Thanks very much for your comments, everyone, really appreciate them 🙂
    A bit of danger is always good, TD!
    Fivegoblogging – me too! Never realised it would be so much fun. Think we will replace our three broken sledges with five new ones!
    Thanks, Mini Mes – I like to join in the outdoor stuff – I have as much fun as them. Less likely to join in with scary rides and that sort of thing. Someone needs to hold the coats…
    The snow was really deep, Laura! My son got stuck in a drift and I thought he was messing around until I went to pull him out and I got stuck too!
    Patchwork Life – sledging on your front comes highly recommended! I was scared, but it was great. My eldest and my daughter wouldn’t do it.

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  13. What brilliant pictures, it looks like you all had a great time! I highly recommend Bavaria if you are into sledging, it has a number of special sledging mountains – no skiing allowed! 🙂

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  14. Wow, now that would be exciting! Bet you have great fun. Thanks very much for commenting.

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  15. Wow, that is a monster hill! Looks like you had a fab time. You are braver than me! Great photos x

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  16. Looks like you all had lots of fun and I wish we had a place like that for the girls to go sledging. They seemed happy enough with the garden

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  17. Looks like you had great fun – I would have been petrified watching my little one go down a big hill though!

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  18. Brilliant photos of such fun on the sledges. We didn’t go down any hills this year as The Boy is only three and it’s a fair old trek to some slopes, daddy also refused to take the day off work for us to drive to them. However, next year I am so joining in your fun! I love your tone of writing as well (as a teacher, it’s a pleasure to read something which has been carefully crafted!)

    Popping over from Country Kid

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  19. did get a lot of snow..ours was more a dusting really!

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  20. I love that you got on the sledges too and looked like you were loving every minute! If we had seen snow then I would have delighted in brushing the dust off ours and having a go too. Sadly we have not seen snow since 2010 before I began blogging! Delighted you have linked up with Country Kids and hope you will drop by again with more outdoor fun.

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  21. You did have quite a lot less than us. Ours was like yours was at the top of the hill. Still there was enough to have some fun.

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  22. Thanks very much, everyone! We had a brilliant time, but I’m kind of glad it’s gone now!
    Thank you, The Boy and Me, really appreciate what you say about my writing 🙂 I take a lot of pride in it both on my blog and in work (I’m a press officer). I’ve had debates with my headteacher about proper use of English! (I’m also a school governor!)
    No idea how we broke our sledges really, Actually Mummy. They were a bit flimsy, we were going fast, they hit bumps. We did it a few times and suddenly the sledges were broken! We are so going to re-stock for next year! I think we need five sledges next time 🙂

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  23. Hi Sarah,

    Its funny you should say about becoming risk averse when you have children, I find myself worrying about the same things especially if both my Wife and I are on a flight without the children, I used to love flying.

    And I also remember the quarry at the bottom of the slope, not really understanding my why my my parents worried so much when you could jump off before you went over, how times have changed…

    Through the worry I know sometimes you have to let go of your fears to enjoy life and most importantly to let the kids enjoy it too.

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  24. Glad it’s not just me who has become risk averse since having kids! Interesting to see it’s not just a female thing too!
    We do our best to keep enjoying life, thanks very much for commenting.

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