Little gems

From trousers to belly buttons, Hitler to poo – some little gems from my own little gem – my daughter aged 6.

Did you know all our fingers are the same size, but some of them are just on hills? Is that right?

That man’s smoking! Shall we call the police?

If there was a competition for the best belly button picker, do you think I’d win?

Do you think my poo will take five minutes?

If someone said to me who is your worst friend, I would say Hitler.

What is the steering wheel exactly for when you’ve got the pedals?

You know trousers and things like that? Why do they have a line down the bum hole?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I love this!! so funny. Has cheered me up on an otherwise pretty non-cheery day! Thanks

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  2. Haha that’s really funny!! The poo thing…well if you’re a man it could take up to an hour I reckon!! 🙂
    And it’s so true about trousers, when I was little I used to wonder why they don’t look the trousers that the BFG wore in the cartoon (honestly, no seams!)

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  3. I’m interested to know the answer to the last question! So lovely that you have recorded all these cute questions 🙂

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  4. It is lovely that you have recorded them as they do come out with such classics! Those are really funny!

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  5. Thanks very much, everyone. To be honest, Actually Mummy, I didn’t have answers to many of them! I’m pretty sure our fingers are different sizes and she certainly does well in the belly button picking stakes.
    Not so sure why trousers have a line down the bumhole, Suzanne. Or why she used the word ‘bumhole’.
    Glad to have cheered you up, elliotandme! I post these little ponderings every couple of weeks for a laugh.
    You did well to notice the BFG didn’t have a seam, Tas!
    I do try to keep a note of the funniest questions, Nikki and Suzanne. They don’t ask as many as they used to, though 🙁

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  6. I wholeheartedly endorse smoking police! Some brilliant and very funny questions there! 🙂 x

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  7. Brilliant questions, I chuckled a loud at. The poo one – my son always offers me far too much detail about his poo – why?
    I’d have loved to hear what you said especially re the bum hole :)) x

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  8. Thanks everyone! I do, too, Tori!
    Probably forever, James! What a ridiculous invention.
    I had no answer to the bumhole one, Emily. I was shocked by her use of the word ‘bumhole’ which I’d never heard her say before!

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  9. hee hee – they are great ones this week. I really need to note things down straight away because I always forget some of the gems they come out with. x

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  10. why do they have so many questions!!!! arrrggghhhhh now i understand my husbands frustration at me as i ask A LOT of questions!

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  11. Thanks very much, everyone! They do drive you crazy, don’t they? But they can be very funny. Now my kids are getting older the rate of funny questions is slowing down a bit, which is a shame. I’ve been keeping a record of them for two and a half years now! Think of all that I missed before that 🙁

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