The Christmas before last

The Christmas before last has gone down in family history and will always be remembered as the Christmas when my 4 year old daughter, at the end of her tether, yelled ‘It’s an idiot!’ The idiot in question was her new, much-wanted, pink scooter.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I need to rewind and give the tale some context. Two things happened in the run-up to that Christmas to provoke this unusual emotional outburst.

On 16th December, a Thursday, my daughter woke up poorly. By the end of that day her temperature had hit 40 and it was clear she was quite unwell. I took her to my friend, who is a doctor, the next day. She checked her over and declared her free of infection and managed to get her to take Calprofen, something I can never manage myself.

On Saturday 18th December it snowed. And snowed. And snowed. I have never seen so much snow. It was so cold and the snow got compacted and the road turned into an ice rink.

By day 4 of my daughter’s illness, Sunday 19th December, her temperature was still at 40 degrees. And the GP refused to see her. They had a lot of people ill. So what? She was 4 years old with a temperature of 40 for four days. How can that not be worth seeing a doctor?

Finally on the Tuesday, day 6 of her illness, a doctor agreed to see her. And, what a surprise, she had a chest infection. With much fighting, we managed to get her to take the antibiotics.

By Christmas day the temperature was gone, but the illness had left her weak and tired, and she was still far from herself.

After lunch on Christmas day, we went for a walk in the snow. Me, my kids, my Mum, my brother, my brother’s dog – and my daughter’s new pink scooter. The snow was still thick and icy on the ground. And, would you believe it, the scooter wouldn’t scoot.

My daughter got angrier and angrier. The scooter wouldn’t scoot. She wouldn’t have it that it was due to the snow and ice. It was the scooter’s fault. It wasn’t as good as her old one (a Thomas the Tank Engine scooter my eldest got for his 3rd birthday, very well used by all three of the kids and well past its best).

Half-way down the road, she’d had enough. ‘It’s stupid!’ ‘I hate it!’ ‘I don’t want it!’ ‘I’m leaving it here!’ So she abandoned the scooter, but refused to move herself and just stood there screaming while the scooter sat mournfully in the snow.

I went to pick up the scooter and coax her into moving, but she was having none of it. ‘I’t’s an idiot!’ she screamed in complete exasperation.

And so those words have gone down in history. My brother, who always likes a funny story, reminds her of it every time he sees her. And she hates it. Because it’s not her at all. She is the quiet little angel, the girl who always does as she’s told, and always with a smile on her face. She’s not the girl who stands in the snow screaming at inanimate objects. But in my brother’s head, that’s what she will always be.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. haaha, poor kid. But I have an image in my head of a little girl screeching at her scooter and it’s funny. For the record, my daughter would probably screech at it too.

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  2. Awww that is sooooo sweet! And yes, I don’t blame her, I think if I was unwell I would have done the exact same thing! And clearly it was the scooters fault 😉

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  3. It was DEFINITELY the scooter’s fault! Steph, your image is just right – it was very funny! Poor kid, I felt sorry for her.
    Thank you both for commenting, I really appreciate it.

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  4. I can certainly imagine one of mine doing that too! I bet you struggled to keep a straight face! Lovely story. 🙂

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  5. I sympathise. I’m forty-something and really wish I could still stand in the road and scream ‘it’s an idiot’ at people and things 🙂

    Hope you all enjoy your Christmas Day walk this year x.

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  6. Thanks very much, everyone. It was so out of character for her. I did struggle a little bit to keep a straight face, Suzanne!
    It would be a great thing to do, wouldn’t it, Lesley? She’s getting another scooter this year – so fingers crossed for a peaceful walk!

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  7. Oh bless her! GG always did that with a new bike or scooter – and that was even when there was no snow! I remember telling her that if she didn’t at least wheel her new bike down the road I would take it to the charity shop, I was that frustrated. She was 4. Such a terrible Mummy…

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  8. I would have done the same under normal circumstances! Although in the light of the snow, her being ill AND it being Christmas day, I tried to be a bit more sympathetic!

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  9. I so feel for them when they get frustrated over something that is not their fault and yet sometimes it’s hard not to burst out laughing isn’t it! xxx

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  10. Arr bless her… thanks for sharing with us. Merry Christmas and a happy new year,looking forward to reading about your Christmas 🙂

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  11. Thanks very much, ladies! It certainly is hard not to laugh sometimes.
    She’s getting a scooter again this year and told me this morning she won’t be calling it an idiot because it’s not going to snow. Don’t know what my brother will say though!
    Have a good Christmas. Really appreciate your comments. x

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