Daddy Dad

‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!’

Sometimes the word Daddy is uttered even more than the word Mummy (and I love it when it is!).

Mummy is I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, my brother has hit me, I’ve hurt myself, I’ve spilled something, my sister wants to turn the telly over.

Daddy is fun, in-depth football analysis and look at me!

But something has changed.

When my son started secondary school he informed us that outside the house we would be Mum and Dad. I understand this, although it makes me sad. I love being Mummy and I love Daddy being Daddy.

Kids these days seem to go on saying Mummy and Daddy much longer than we did in my day. I gave up at age 9 after a kid in my class teased me for saying Daddy, but I know teenagers now who say Mummy and Daddy without any embarassment.

On holiday in Center Parcs it was all ‘Dad’. I was quite disappointed at this. I thought the rule only applied in front of his friends or in our own town. I didn’t know it applied to ALL public places. He says it when he’s talking about Daddy  Dad, not just when he’s calling him. I can hear the hesitation in his voice as he says it. He’s said Daddy millions of times over the years and it still doesn’t come naturally to say anything else. He has to pause and think about it, sometimes he even has to correct himself.

But from now on, for my 11 year old, Daddy is most definitely Dad.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. This growing up business is bittersweet, isn’t it? I can really remember getting to that age and the potential shame of anyone thinking you still called your parents Mummy or Daddy…yet now I’m a parent I can see how they must have felt, and how you’re feeling now. Thanks for your comment on my blog too!

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  2. I still call my mum mummy, and I’m nearly 40! Dad was always dad, or father if I am being rude !

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  3. Thanks very much for your comments 🙂 It’s weird how there seems to be one rule for Daddy/ Dad and one rule for Mummy/ Mum for a lot of people. I think he is more inclined to call me Mummy, so I will hang on to that!
    It’s so sad that other kids should make kids feel ashamed to say Mummy and Daddy, but I guess it’s all part of growing up! Just hope the younger two don’t change just yet.

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  4. It’s ok, don’t despair, it won’t last forever. My 19 yr old son and 20 yr old daughter have reverted to Mummy and I love it!

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  5. Betsy still uses Mummy and Daddy a fair amount. Max calls me mummy , but calls his dad Dave. Always has. No idea why! Awkward child! 🙂

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  6. I know how you feel. I always refer to us as Mummy & Daddy…My kids are 22, 21, 17 & 12 and they all roll their eyes when I say “Ask daddy”, “Can you wash up for Mummy” etc Lol, they hate it. I wish they would still call us Mummy & Daddy x

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  7. My Dad always insisted on us calling him ‘daddy’…wouldn’t answer to anything else, and still doesn’t! I was always mortified as a teenager. I have told my children they can call us mum and dad if they want to but they seem happy at the moment….I’m embarassed for my 12 yr old though, although I probably shouldn’t be!

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  8. Thanks very much for your comments, everyone!
    I reverted to Mummy and Daddy when I was about that age too, Rubbishwife! My sister, who’s nearly 30, never stopped.
    I had to stop talking to my son in town today because I kept saying ‘Daddy’. I couldn’t think of anything to talk about which didn’t involve that word, so I just shut up!
    Poor you, Suzanne, but good for your Daddy! My husband has told eldest he can call us what he likes, but it’s not going to stop me saying ‘Daddy’ to him!

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