I wouldn’t change…

Thanks to the lovely Sonya Cisco for tagging me in this one. What wouldn’t I change? I’m a pessimist, so I’m far more likely to think about what I WOULD change, so this is going to be a challenge.

I wouldn’t change… My life

This is a really big one to kick off with. Yes, I might have chosen to make one or two tweaks here and there, but on the whole I’m happy with the way my life has gone. I met my husband young, got married relatively young (at 26) and had my first child relatively young (at 27). I had three children, which is what I always wanted.

More adventurous friends say, but don’t you wish…. No, I don’t. I didn’t want to travel, I didn’t want to see the world, I didn’t want to have lots of boyfriends. I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything. I don’t care if I never see Australia or Africa or India or the USA. Realistically, I don’t think I ever will. And I’m fine with that. I’m married with three children and that’s all I ever really wanted.

I wouldn’t change… My body

I suppose I’m lucky. I’m naturally thin. I know I’ve got a body most women my age would kill for and even women 20 years my junior would be very happy with. I’m not saying that because I’m vain because I’m really not. I’m the most un-vain, un-bothered-about-my-appearance person I know, so it’s weird to just say it. I wouldn’t change my body. I’m thin and I’m toned and I don’t feel like I have to work at it. I don’t starve myself – quite the opposite in fact. Yes, I do run. But I’m still thin when I don’t run or when I run shorter distances.

My body isn’t perfect. My boobs are small, almost non-existent in fact. I have a bit of flab on my belly – who doesn’t after three kids?! I have a bit of cellulite on my thighs – in fact my legs are disproportionately big – I can’t actually wear skinny jeans, which may sound a bit weird.

And much as I’m happy with my body, I NEVER show it off. You won’t ever see me wearing short skirts, low cut tops (I’m WAY too bony) or bikins. My body lives under jeans and hoodies.

I wouldn’t change… My kids

Yes, I know, it’s cheesy and predictable, but I wouldn’t change my kids. They are good kids. The best. They’re not nicey-nicey perfect little angels. They’re JUST KIDS. And they’re mine. They have ‘their moments’, but I know that my kids being bad is like lots of other kids being good. Teachers love them. They are well-behaved and cute. I wouldn’t change them for the world.

That’s my angels being cheeky monkeys about five years ago. They were gorgeous then and they’re still gorgeous now.

I wouldn’t change… My car

Yes, it’s had a very careless lady driver and it’s scratched and dented. It drinks petrol like there’s no tomorrow, but it’s the only car I’ve ever wanted and it’s yellow and it’s MINE! Plus, I’ve kind of promised it to my daughter – if it ‘lives’ that long.

So that’s about it from me. Pretty boring really. What about some other lovely people?

What wouldn’t you change?

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Pop back and let me know what you wouldn’t change. Thanks.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Fab post, I love these posts as you get to know a bit more about people! Thanks for the tag!

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  2. Nice to hear that someone is so content and happy in a world in which so many people seem unhappy with their lot. Good for you, Sarah.

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  3. Thanks very much, Nikki – I sometimes feel like there’s not a lot left I haven’t said already. It’s like I’ve written my autobiography over this last year!
    Thanks, James. I can’t say I’m always happy, but in the scheme of things I am content with my lot. I always wanted three children and that’s what I’ve got!

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  4. Oh heck, you are so me. Love my dull life, love my car. My kids too, mostly. 🙂 Thanks for the tag.

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  5. Ha ha, glad I’m not the only one content with a dull life! Look forward to reading yours 🙂

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