First day, first hurdle

So the time has come. The big day. My son’s first day at secondary school.

We’ve had lots of information and filled in lots of forms. He’s visited the school and met his tutor. He’s in a class with some of his friends. I’ve visited the school too, although that wasn’t my finest hour read about that here The uniform and sports kit is bought and labelled. He’s got a cool bag and a pencil case and scientific calculator. I’ve bought a book on starting secondary school and not really read it because I prefer reading proper books. And blogs. And blogging.

All in all, we were all sorted. There was just one thing bugging me. The bus. Nowhere in all that information or on the school website or the council website was there any information about the bus.

To me, this is essential. My little boy is going to leave the house to enter a strange environment for the first time and he’s getting there on the bus. Shouldn’t he (and I) know how much it’s going to cost and how he is supposed to pay for it?

There’s a lot to think about (and worry about!) on the first day and it looked like he was going to fall at the first hurdle. One little faux-pas on the bus on the first day could be social suicide for the next five or so years.

So I went to the bus company’s office in town. My husband laughed at me, thinking no-one ever goes into bus company offices any more. That’s what the internet is for, right?

Well they helped me out. It’s £15 for 10 journeys (it was £1.50 for 10 in my day!) and there’s a ticket the the driver needs to stamp every journey. You can buy them on the bus, or you can buy them in the office. Not online. Not over the phone. I bought a job lot of them. While I was there another parent came in asking about my son’s school too.

So we’ve jumped the first hurdle. Fingers crossed there aren’t too many more.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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