“If I’m hotshot, mum would cut my hair at night. And in the morning, I’m shorn of my identity. I spit mum and dad why can’t I be who I want to be?”

Thanks for the lyrics, Lady GaGa. Every time I look at my boys, these words come into my head.

My boys have long hair.

It was never a conscious decision, but somehow, around about last summer, we took our eye off the hairdressing ball and there they were. With long hair. And now they won’t cut it. And it really, really needs cutting.

They are lovely boys, but stubborn little sods when they want. My younger son says he’s not having his cut until it’s down to his mouth. My eldest’s is already down to his mouth.

It’s not the first time it’s happened either. I took the eye off the ball after my younger son was born and suddenly my eldest had lovely long hair. With his beautiful face, people thought he was a girl more than they thought he was a boy. He had it cut just before he started school. And now history is repeating itself. But doubled.

My husband spends a lot of time cursing their hair and saying it must be cut. But he doesn’t do anything about it. And I admit I’m a bit conflicted. Because I think it looks quite cute and cool. And I think it’s their decision. At 11 and 8, they are old enough to decide if they want long hair or not and they will take the decision to have it cut when they are ready. And they haven’t taken that decision yet.

Part of the problem is, we can’t actually find anyone to cut it. The hairdresser we all go to, who has been cutting my mum’s hair since she was in her 20s, hates cutting my kids’ hair as much as they hate him cutting it. He’s used to cutting old ladies’ hair, not fidgety boys, who sit there saying ‘Is it nearly done?’ every two minutes and dramatically coughing and spitting every time any hair gets near their faces.

So one of the mums from school started cutting it about 18 months ago. She came to the house to do it. Even better. She styled their hair, allowing them to keep it fairly long, but without it looking too unkempt. Then she stopped returning my texts.

One of my best friends is a hairdresser. So she cut their hair in April. She did a brilliant job. They kept some of the length, but she really tidied up the style. She told me she ‘loved doing it, but wouldn’t always be able to do it’. So I didn’t ask again.

And now it’s August. And they they haven’t had their hair cut since April. And it’s gone all lovely and blonde. And I like it blonde.

But my son is starting secondary school in a few weeks. And he was called ‘girl hair’ at football the other day. And mistaken for a girl by a student teacher a few months ago. He could get picked on at secondary school. He needs it cut.

Then there’s the nits. Our family has a long and seemingly never-ending battle with nits read about it here We had them again just before the end of term. Recently enough for me to have taken the zapping comb and the Vosene protection spray on our canal boat holiday. Every time we get them (it’s the boys every time) my husband shouts ‘You boys have to have your hair cut!’ And nobody does anything about it.

Last night I found the most nits I have ever seen in anyone’s hair on my younger son’s head. This is the final straw. The hair is being cut this weekend. I don’t know where. But it’s going to be done.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. If you can get one of your hairdressing friends to show you the principals of cutting you could do it. Simple boys cuts are easier than they’d like to admit! 😉 Alternative get some clippers. Really easy to use and Level 4 is still a normal boys length! 😀

    PS. We had little visitors for the first time this week. Nice huh. Even though I haven’t got them I itch permanently at the moment. It’s psychosymatic!

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    • Sarah my middle daughter had a nightmare we tried everything in the end daily combing with a fine tooth comb was the only thing that worked no sprays just in the bath with conditioner x

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  2. Ew I’m feeling itchy now! Funnily enough, I have a similar problem. My eldest has had long hair for years, he hides behind it and it have him confidence. He has cut it this year and although it is still longish, it looks better. My eight year old has been nagging for ages to grow his hair but his hair is very fine and very straight just like mine and we have let him grow it a bit this summer and it is drivin him mad. He is developing an interesting flick twitch which makes me laugh. The OH says he has to get it cut as he says it is giving him a bad attitude, personally I think that is just his age!

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  3. Must admit I prefer boys with longer hair than is the norm these days, although not to the extent that they can be mistaken for girls.

    Maybe I dislike the modern practice of keeping boys hair really short because I am a child of the 70s, maybe it’s because I thing it looks rather ‘thuggish’ or perhaps it’s simply because when volunteering at primary school I often find it hard to tell the boys apart because they nearly all have similar hair styles.

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  4. Thanks very much for your comments, everyboydy! A good tip about do-it-yourself, YMR. My husband always cut their hair until they started school and still cuts my daughter’s! Although, actually, the deed has now been done… We bit the bullet, took them to a barber (first time ever) and have two short-haired boys.
    Vikki, good tip re the nits. I’m going to see how we get on with the shorter hair, otherwise we’re going to give this a go. Further investigations revealed our worst outbreak ever. Affecting everyone apart from the person who is slightly losing his hair! I reckon I could write the book on nits, but will take a look at the link, TD.
    Glad I’m not the only one with a long-haired boy (or two!), Nicola. I know my eldest felt ‘cool’ with his hair and people were always touching it. It gave him a bit of character. He’s not quite at the stage of fancying girls, but he’s at the stage of showing off to them and the girls liked the long hair! Oh well, new school, new look, new start.
    I’m with you James on the very short hair thing – I think it looks thuggish too, even though nearly all the boys have it like that these days (and, yes, I get some of the kids confused because of it too!). I’m pleased to say that the new short hair isn’t quite as short as that!

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