Mud running


My daughter, the most holiday-phobic, least adaptable of my children seemed a bit out of sorts on our first day on the canal boat. So I suggested we get off the boat and walk. I thought a bit of quality time would cheer her up. After only a minute we came across some mud.



My daughter doesn’t like mud. Or dirt. So she wasn’t very happy about this mud. Which was VERY wet and full of puddles. She screamed. I told her it was fine, we’d just go round. But there wasn’t really any going round.



I should say at this point that I’d had footwear packing traumas before we set off. I’d wanted to take wellies for me and the kids, but my husband had dissuaded me, based on a lack of space in the car and the boat. And the very hot, sunny weather we were predicted. Not taking into account the three solid months of rain we’d had beforehand. I’d also wanted to take my Crocs. I know… ugly things. But invaluable in certain situations. Like boating. And mud. But I didn’t have them for space reasons.



So we went through it, my daughter screaming. And there was a slurping noise and my flip flop came off. So I turned round to get it. I put it back on and it was full of mud. Then my other foot got stuck and was really sinking. My daughter’s Lelli Kellys were covered, although still on her feet. I replaced my flip flop, lost them both again and gave up. I walked through the thick mud, sinking as I went, barefoot. The mud was all up my jeans. It had splashed onto my Tshirt.



And all the time my daughter was screaming. She was running through the mud like a girl possessed. Screaming for Daddy to stop. She ran and ran and the dirt was right up her legs and the sparkles on her Lelli Kellys were invisible.



Daddy stopped and we caught him. And he told us off. He hates screaming, he always thinks something really bad has happened. They thought she’d been stung. They weren’t bothered about mud. It’s ‘just mud’. But I’ve never been so muddy in my life. My despairing husband got a bowl of soapy water and sponged the worst of it off us and rinsed our shoes in the canal before we were even allowed inside for a shower.



My daughter couldn’t stop crying. The dirt. The poor messed up Lelli Kellys. And, worst of all, Daddy shouting.



We hadn’t even been on the boat 24 hours. I wasn’t sure we would last a day, let alone the week.


Nearly a week later, we sailed past the mud on our return journey. After six days of hot, sunny weather, it hadn’t changed a bit. My husband was forced to acknowledge it was the worst mud on the entire trip. Typical that it should be in the exact place we had decided to get off and walk.


Sod’s law.



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I would have been in tears too, and screamed louder than the lot of you put together. Hate mud, hate boats 🙂

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  2. I’m glad to hear that! I will tell my husband. I love the boat and am not overly keen on mud, but I kept my head because my daughter was losing hers. If she hadn’t have been screaming, I might have been! x

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  3. That did make me laugh! My LO would have loved it! She loves mud and she loves puddles! I haven’t yet invested in Lelli Kellis and you can probably see why!

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  4. Oh Good Grief! I wouldn’t have had any patience with the screaming! I’d have said “For goodness sake, it’s only a bit of mud! It’ll wash off!”. But then I did use mud as playdoh as a child, making allsorts of creations in our back garden.

    And, to be fair, I might scream if I happened to be wearing some favourite shoes! Ooops (double standards ;-))

    PS. Cif might work well on those Lelli Kellis?

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  5. My daughter has never loved mud or anything remotely dirty. I’m not keen myself, but I think I stayed pretty calm.
    I don’t generally have patience with screaming and shouting, but she was pretty distressed and I didn’t need to tell her off – Daddy did it all for me.
    Lelli Kellys are as good as new! They are actually a good investment, Nicola, because they are machine washable! They had a dip in the canal, then sat in a bowl of water and washing up liquid – I didn’t even need to put them in the washing machine when we got home.
    Thank you both for commenting, I really appreciate it.

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  6. Arr bless I would be upset too,I run around mud in cross country race never mind holidays :)you will never forget this….thanks for linking up to welcome to the weekend hop 🙂

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  7. Oh gosh what a messy start to your trip! Your poor daughter, I would have been the same, I hate getting all muddy if I’m not dressed appropriately 🙁

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  8. Thanks very much, ladies! Glas you agree with my daughter!
    It’s a pleasure, Claire Justine, love joining in with your blog hop.
    Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it.

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  9. My now 17 year old son when wearing his first Thomas wellies aged 3, cried at the doorway about going outside in them due to the fact it was raining and they would get wet. Sadly he takes after his mum, I also hate rain and mud!

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  10. Bless him, Nic! Who would want to spoil their nice new willies?
    Thanks very much for commenting, really appreciate it.

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