Crisps, cats and crutches

Being sick, conning your little sister out of vast sums of money and being run over by lorries. Just normal every day topics of conversation in our house…

B2 age 7 3/4: William was sick. He might have caught that off me.
Me: But you weren’t sick.
B2:He might have, though.

B1 age 10: What would you choose, get rid of all the cats in the world, or get rid of this town?

LG age 5 1/4: Oh no, I’ve got to give B1 a £100 and £1,000 now because I betted him.

LG age 5 1/4: When you break one leg and you have those stick things, would you have one stick thing or two?

B2age 7 3/4: I think in the world world, in the whole time the world has been here, there’s only been one person who got two McDonald’s toys in the box. And that was me.

Me: Would you like to be run over by a crisp lorry?
LG age 5 1/4: What flavour?

LG age 5 1/4: What is this animal again? (in sausages)
Me: Pig.
LG: I can smell pigs’ brains.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. But do you actually smell them?! I’m a vegetarian and even I can’t smell pigs’ brains in the sausages! Thanks very much for commenting 🙂

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  2. Surely if you were going to be run over by a crisp lorry, it would be better with posh crisps like Kettle chips. Can’t decide on flavour though.

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  3. Hadn’t considered that, I think the kids were going for ordinary old Walkers. Daughter would probably prefer to be run over by cheese ‘n’ onion. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  4. Two toys in a Happy Meal! That’s awesome ;-))

    I think I’d like to be run over by a Quaver lorry as it might be a bit lighter.

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  5. Good point! Although it would smell… I can’t bear the smell of Quavers 🙁 Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

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