Why I love Rainbows

My daughter loves Rainbows. She says it is her favourite of all the activities she does because they do ‘games and making stuff’. ‘Making stuff’ is pretty much her favourite thing to do.

But that’s not the reason I love Rainbows. I love Rainbows for this certificate. It has a veritable, er, rainbow of girls on it. Every minority group is catered for. I just know if I could see those girls’ legs, one of them would be in a wheelchair.

There’s an Afro-Caribbean girl and an Asian girl. There are three white girls and one of them has ginger hair – they are a much-ignored minority. There is a brown-haired girl (I reckon she would be the one in the wheelchair!) and then there she is…

The image of beautiful long blonde-haired perfection. You just know her eyes would be blue if they weren’t just dots of black ink. How cliched, how stereotypical. But, wait, not so fast…

That girl isn’t perfect – she’s wearing glasses! She may have long, blonde hair, but in the world of 6 year old girls, she is a minority too. Just like the Black girl, the Asian girl and the ginger girl.

That girl is my daughter. Beautifully, imperfectly perfect. My daughter has long, blonde hair like Rapunzel. She might be a bit of a cliche of perfect little girl beauty. But she wears glasses.

My daughter is beautiful inside and out. The glasses are an imperfection, but they are the imperfection that makes her perfect to me. Her glasses, along with her glowing smile and her long hair make her stand out in a crowd. They make her just a little bit different.

And that’s why I love Rainbows. For showing that not all 6 year old girls are the same. They could have ticked enough ‘minority’ boxes without the glasses, but they didn’t.

They celebrate little girls in all their beautiful colours – good eyesight and bad. They make it OK to be different.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Aw that is so lovely! I am a huge fan of Beavers and now cubs, both boys get so much out of it and it has been the best thing outside school that they have done!

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  2. Ah Rainbows is just fab…..all my girls loved it 🙂 I think your little girl having glasses makes her unique and beautiful. Treasure her time at Rainbows, my 2 are now in Guides, they seem to have grown up so fast!

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  3. Thanks very much, ladies! I too am a big fan of Beavers and Cubs. We have now left Beavers behind and have moved on to Cubs and Scouts and the boys really get a lot from it. As a boy mum, the Rainbows thing is all new to me.
    Glad all your girls loved it, Suzanne. The content seems pretty lame to me, but my daughter really enjoys it, which is the main thing. She’s 6 1/4 now and I can’t believe she already has less than a year left! Where does the time go?!

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  4. My little one goes to rainbows and absolutely loves it. We moved last month so she had to join a new group, something she wasn’t sure about, leaving all her friends and all but they made her feel so welcome and she came out with a big smile. I’ve never really paid attention to the logo, thanks for pointing that out!

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  5. Thanks very much for commenting! I’m glad Rainbows works so well for your daughter too – and she’s happy there wherever it is. Take a look at the logo – it’s obviously doing exactly what it says on the tin!

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  6. Arr sounds good,thanks so much for linking up to welcome to the weekend hop hope to see you next week 🙂

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  7. No problem, it’s been fun! I’m sure I’ll be back 🙂 Thanks very much for commenting.

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  8. It is a wonderful organisation to belong to. I was a member from age 6 to 25. I’ve had so many amazing experience through it and met some of my closest friends.

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  9. Thanks very much for commenting. Wow, 19 years is impressive! It must be good. It’s early days for us compared to that – I never did it myself and my daughter has done a year there. My boys have worked their way through Beavers and I now have one Cub and one Scout and they really love it.

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  10. And now your daughter has left Rainbows *sigh* where did the time go eh?! Thanks for linking up to #oldiesbutgoodies

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  11. It’s their smiles that make them beautiful which we should all remember, as beauty comes from a happiness and sense of self worth from within xx

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  12. Thanks very much, ladies! I like to think she’s got that now, Dragonsfly. And long may it continue! x
    I know, Suzanne, it’s scary that she’s left now – it’s been a whole term already! Where did the time go?!

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