What does David Cameron do?

No, this isn’t a political statement, but you may be surprised to discover what career David Cameron has been linked with in our house. And some more random mysteries from my eternally inquisitive kids…

LG age 6: Are we going to Bristol Zoo?

Me: Yes.
LG: Where is it

B1 age 10 3/4: Is she disabled?
Me: Yes.
B1: No she isn’t, she just can’t walk.

B1 age 10 3/4: What did Alison’s dad die of?
Me: Cancer.
B1: I thought he died of being a spy.

B1 age 10 3/4: Mummy, do some people pretend to be gay for show business?

B1 age 10 3/4: Is Hitler’s ball actually in the Albert Hall?

B2 age 8 1/2: Who made these sausages?
LG age 6: Was it David Cameron?
Me: Do you know who David Cameron is?
LG: No.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Thanks! Me too! It amazes me that at nearly 11 my eldest is still as unintentionally funny as ever!

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