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My younger son is highly intelligent and very good at sport. We thought he could do everything. But now we’ve found the thing he can’t do. He can’t rollerskate.

When the kids came home from school with a flier for a roller disco, the younger two said they wanted to go. My daughter bought rollerskates with her own money and practiced. Only when we were all satisfied she could do it, did we apply for tickets for the roller disco. We didn’t give my son a thought. Because he’s superman. He can do anything.

On the day of the roller disco, my son put his hired skates on and he wobbled. And he fell over. He staggered. And he fell over. He stumbled and he fell over. Wobble, stagger, stumble, fall over. He really couldn’t do it. And the falls looked painful. My husband was skating with him and trying to hold him up, but it wasn’t easy. He got a little bit better, he let go of my husband, but he carried on falling over.

After about half an hour, he’d had enough. He lurched over to me, red-faced, sweaty and crying and announced he wasn’t doing it any more. He’d hit the back of his head as he fell, stumbled as he tried to get up and hit the front of his head. His head was aching, he was hot and distressed.

I took him into the cafe for a drink and to cool down and calm down. I offered him Calpol for the headache. But he wanted to walk home. I wasn’t sure. I like a walk as much as the next person, more probably, and it was a lovely sunny day… But he was in a state and I wasn’t sure he needed a walk. There wasn’t much point – it would take us half an hour to walk and the roller disco would be finished in half an hour and we could go home in the car. But he insisted.

So we walked. And it was a brilliant decision. As soon as he got outside, he perked up. He calmed down and went back to his normal, happy self. Of all my children, he is the one who gets hurt most, who reacts most to things like being too hot or too thirsty, but he also bounces back the quickest.

The mile and a half walk takes us through a pleasant suburban area. It’s not far from home, but we never walk that way. We whizz through in the car. So everything was new and exciting and different for him.

The constant rain for a month meant the weeds were knee high. My son has loved dandelion clocks since he was a toddler, so he picked them excitedly all the way home. Sometimes we had one each to blow and it was a competition to finish it first. Sometimes we took it in turns to blow the same one until all the seeds were gone.

He went into a patch of tall buttercups and picked a couple. He confirmed I like butter (which I don’t), then confirmed a tree liked it too. Then he explained to me the real reason why it goes yellow under your chin – that the sunlight is reflected in the buttercup. It’s nothing to do with butter.

He spotted an unusual insect – a sort of beetle, maybe. It was red and ‘awesome’. He inspected it very carefully, followed it as it crawled along a wall, then caught it on his buttercup. Then he dropped it, picked it up again in his buttercup and made me take a photograph of it – because it was so awesome.

Then he stopped in sheer excitement. ‘Whoa! Look at that!’ What was I looking at? It was a field. On a hill. With the tracks of a tractor clearly visible. Very ordinary, but he’s never seen it from the path, only rushing by in the car.

The end of our walk took us through the park. We ‘just’ had to tread on daisies all the way across it. We trod on a lot. It was probably possible to only tread on them, there were certainly a lot of daisies, but I think it may have taken us an hour or so and we would have had to walk a REALLY long way round the park.

As we got home he announced ‘I like walking home’. So do, I thought.

Then four minutes later, my husband and daughter got home in the car.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Hello, found you on blow your own blog horn. Enjoyed this gentle post – I like walking too!

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  2. We like walking too. It’s best if you haven’t got to be somewhere ‘on time’ though.
    There is nothing worse than having drag a dwaddling child or 4 in your wake, with one eye on your watch.

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  3. Thanks very much, ladies. Glad you enjoyed the post – and enjoy walking! Not all my posts are gentle, in fact many aren’t! But it was such a lovely (and rare) experience. I often think it would be ‘nice’ to walk to the shops, then really regret it when the kids are driving me mad!
    It’s good to know blow your own blog horn works – I will keep blowing my horn every week!

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  4. Lovely post. It is great to take the time to go for a walk, especially with children – one of the nicest things about children is the eyes through which they see the world. We love going for a walk even around the local area where we live, there is always something new to spot!
    (p.s. found you through the blog horn too!)

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  5. Thanks very much! We always walk around our local area – even going somewhere the kids have been 100s of times before they always find something new – and it saves the hassle of loading them up in the car!
    Blog horn is working well for me this weekend 🙂

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  6. Also found you through blow your own blog horn and also enjoyed this post – lovely!

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  7. Wow, they just keep coming this week! Thanks very much. Glad you liked it and glad you found me! Good old blog horn.

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  8. Gorgeous story. It’s nice how walking can just help with getting back to a sense of calm. Beautiful account of all your little discoveries.

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  9. Thanks very much. It was such a simple, yet lovely experience. A little bit of time with one of my kids on their own with no other pressures is so rare.

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  10. This is a lovely post I bet it was lovely to see him discovering new things and back to his normal self! Xx (popping over from magic moments)

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  11. lovely post Sarah, i think your beetle is called a chaffer bettle although i am no expert they live under grass as grubs and then eat the roots of the grass!

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments I love those carefree walks, its been way too long since we went on one! x

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  12. Lovely, calm, story, it’s great to take time out and to go at a slower pace. We have first roller disco on Friday….and J never been on skates before either. I’ll be supplying padding.It’s great that he enjoys walking home, always a struggle here unless a bike ride or stop for icecream is involved!

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  13. Thanks very much for your comments, ladies 🙂 Great to give this post another airing, thanks to Magic Moments. Really appreciate the opportunity, Jaime and thanks for info re the beetle – never heard of one of those.
    Good luck with the roller disco, Sarah!

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  14. That is a lovely little tale, I agree with Sarah – a clamer pace can do wonders sometimes.

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