Hidden cost

My kids do a lot of activities. And it gets expensive. This is how three kids with three or four activities each adds up:

Swimming lessons for three children (four terms a year): £50 each per term
Rugby for two children: £95 each per season
Football: £2.50 a week
Street dance: £65 a term
Ballet: £4.75 a week
Scouts: £25 a term
Cubs: £20 a term
Rainbows: £15 a term

But there is a hidden cost. And I’m not being deep and meaningful here. I’m not talking about the stress it places on me or the lack of time I have to do the housework or the kids’ homework. There is an ACTUAL hidden, financial cost.


Because with all these activities, I don’t always have time to cook. So we resort to microwave meals and they really add up.

On Tuesdays, I take the boys swimming, then I go straight to my own dance class. I have just enough time to wolf down an M&S curry with pilau rice when I get in from work. The pilau rice is allegedly designed for two people, but I don’t have the appetite of a sparrow. So I eat it all myself. My husband doesn’t need a microwave meal, he has time to cook something. So I tried not bringing him one. And he went to McDonald’s. So he also has an M&S curry and pilau rice.

On Mondays we get in from ballet at 5.15. Cubs starts at 6. There is no way I can cook something (not even a pizza in the oven) for the kids to eat in that very small space of time. So they have microwave meals. And my husband has McDonald’s because he plays football.

I don’t get much change out of £15 for the microwave meals required for Monday and Tuesday.

Sometimes I have a school governors’ meeting after work on Wednesday. I get home about 5.40, the meeting starts at 6. So guess what I have to eat?

Microwave meals

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Have you got a slow cooker? I find them brilliant for the days when the 8 year old has his swimming lesson or Cubs – just whack it on in the morning and it cooks for you!
    All ready for when you get home from the swimming pool.
    Cheaper than ready meals too. Love mine! 🙂

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  2. What a good idea! I know friends have them and they seem really good. The downside is I have a house full of fussy eaters with some vegetarians and some meat eaters, so in reality I doubt it will work for us. One day I hope they will all eat the same (fingers crossed!).
    Thanks very much for commenting 🙂

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