All of a sudden, I seem to be married to Superman. And I am very grateful. Living with Superman means I am living in a tidier, more organised house.

The Car which was taking up so much of his time is finished and has gone away for testing. It’s been gone for over two weeks and it looks like it’ll be gone for another week or more. So my husband has free time!

The time pre-Car he would have spent working or watching telly he is now spending on sorting the house out. I was aware the house was a little untidy. We have a few piles of crap around, but what family doesn’t? A family where a parent either doesn’t work or has OCD, in my humble opinion.

But my husband no longer accepts the inevitable piles of crap. And he sees beyond the mess to the solution. Where I see a crowded, untidy cupboard and assume it is too small, he sees a cupboard that just needs reorganising. So he’s moved things around, he’s put things in special boxes (I even have a special Green & Black’s box) and suddenly the kitchen is starting to make sense.

We no longer have cartons of orange juice and bottles of Fruit Shoot piled on top of the cupboards – he has found a place for them! By removing the carrier bag pile which was threatening to take over a corner of our kitchen (and I use reuseable bags, I don’t even know where the carrier bags came from!).

The Thomas the Tank Engine table has gone away (for our grandchildren!) and has been replaced with a desk for the kids to use. The plastic box which sat alongside it for five or six years rammed full of kids’ drawings and stickings from NURSERY has been removed. I wasn’t even aware of the ten medicine spoons in our kitchen drawer, but they were there. And my husband noticed. And he got rid of them. Along with a couple of sets of tiny cutlery we no longer use.

The piles of paper and games around the corner of the lounge have all gone – recycled or put in their proper place. The paper on our desk has gone the same way. The desk drawers are tidy, even my untidy pile of books and pens next to the bed is – tidy. It’s certainly nice to open a cupboard and not have something fall on you. It’s nice to not have to unearth chocolate from the Hallowe’en before last when I go looking for the Green & Black’s. And it’s nice to have a lounge that doesn’t have Lego on the fireplace and DVDs on the windowsill. On the whole, my husband has even done this without making too much reference to the fact that I don’t work two days a week, so maybe I could clear the junk off the top of the microwave. So now it’s tidy and organised, we just have to learn to keep it like that.

And that may be easier said than done. The paper may have a proper place, the chocolate may have a proper place, but not even Superman will persuade my sons to put their pants in the wash when they take them off.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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