Every day random mysteries

The Easter bunny, rats on the beach and the relative strength of hot and cold. Just some every day random mysteries and thoughts from my kids…

B1 age 9 3/4: Mummy, were you brought up hygienic?

B2 age 7 1/2: Why do children have to call their mums Mummy?

LG age 5: When it’s Easter, does someone pretend to be the Easter bunny? Someone from another country who can stay awake for a long time?

LG age 5 (on the beach): Do you want to make something? I think I’m going to make some rats.

B1 age 9 3/4: Why don’t Grandma and Grandpa sleep in different rooms?

B2 age 7 1/2: Which is stronger, hot or cold?

LG age 5: Which person made the first person in the whole wide world?

B1 age 9 3/4: Do you think one day humans will develop a system where they can fly?

B1 age 9 3/4: Why do some Americans hate rugby?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. These are awesome, and its questions like these which is why I want to be a teacher and why I can’t wait for my son to start talking.
    I’m from BritMums btw, and I am new to britmums and blogging, check out my blog if you want:

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  2. Thanks very much! I started my blog initially to post my kids’ questions because they are hilarious, but now I post them about once a week. I found I had a lot of other stuff I needed to say! I’ve been blogging since last August myself, but have only discovered britmums in the last week – it’s opening up a whole new world for me! Will check out your blog, thanks.

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