Peas in a pod

My kids look like peas in a pod. And I love it.

I have a photo of the three of them with another set of three siblings and it’s so obvious who belongs with who. The colouring, the features… they’re all the same.

I have another photo of just the three of them when my daughter was 10 weeks old. It was then that I realised how similar they are – I looked at it and realised they all had the same face.

When my younger son was born he was just a bigger version of his older brother at the same age. They have fair hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Even though my younger son is big, they both have quite small features.

There are differences too – my eldest has more freckles and he has rosy cheeks. My younger son is as pale as porcelain. Their hair is the same colour, brown in winter, blonde in summer, but the texture is very different – my younger son’s smooth and silky, my eldest like some crazy, wiry forest.

But there is no doubting they belong together. They even get mistaken for twins.

My girl is combination of the two of them. Facially, she is more like her middle brother – enhanced by their glasses and the fact that they always seem to have the same teeth missing – but her colouring is more like that of her elder brother. Even her hair is in between – less smooth than her middle brother, but without the crazy texture of her biggest brother (thank goodness).

They fascinate me, of course, because they are my kids. But mainly they fascinate me because it was nothing like that for me. You would never guess my brother and I were related in a million years. He’s bigger built than me (he currently weighs twice what I do), his eyes are green to my blue. His hair is thicker, straighter and darker. He has freckles and I don’t. And his features are entirely different. My sister looks like him, only a female version, so she is the ‘missing link’ between us, although she too is much bigger than me.

So I never would have known it was possible for siblings to looks so alike. But I’m glad they do. They’re my peas in a pod.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It’s funny, my eldest is adopted, my youngest is by birth, yet somehow they are starting to look more and more like each other. There is a 3.5year difference, but they have the same colour eyes, same face shape and I love it too 🙂

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  2. So cute. I don’t think my kids look all that much alike, although the girls have regularly been mistake for twins! My middle one has a bigger build than the others who are more petite. I think they are all a real mixture of me and my OH, just not the same mixture! My boy is the only one of all of us with blue eyes and I love it!

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  3. Vicki – that’s so lovely!
    Suzanne – from the pic your girls look quite similar. I guess they’re like my boys in that the younger one being a bigger build makes them a more similar size and therefore mistaken for twins! We all have blue eyes in our family 🙂

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