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Our local tooth fairy (or is there just one national one, I’m not sure) has been kept busy with our family recently. In the last six weeks she has called at our house no less than three times – twice for my daughter (top middles) and once for my younger son (top next to middle).

She doesn’t exist, of course. Both my sons claim to have seen Mummy in their room about the time the tooth fairy was due to come. Coincidence, of course. I was probably just putting some clothes away or taking my son’s glasses off.

Even my daughter is wavering about her existence, but, as my husband says, if they don’t believe, she won’t come. She’s been (she never forgets *smug face*), so she must exist.

The tooth fair brings a pound per tooth. Except in extreme circumstances – the loss of teeth under general anaesethic (sorry, I’ve probably spelt that wrong) after a trampoline related injury, for example – when she will bring £2 a tooth. Or if the teeth are lost abroad, in which case she brings £1 and 1 Euro. Remarkably for a family who goes abroad so rarely, there have been three, possibly even four, teeth lost in Europe.

Recently, she has taken on an assistant who lives nearby, otherwise known as ‘Grandma’. The tooth fairy leaves her standard £1 under the pillow, or in the pocket of the special tooth cushion, then the next day Grandma comes round and gives the tooth loser £2! Result!

I can’t remember the last time my eldest lost a tooth. He claims not to even have any wobbly ones. He is 10 1/2 and has only had eight visits from the tooth fairy, well, seven actually, as he managed to lose two in one day. She doesn’t short-change her customers and was kind enough to leave £2 that day.

In the tooth loss stakes, my younger children are catching him up fast. My younger son has lost six teeth, probably slightly below average for his age, with another one ‘very wobbly’. My daughter, not yet 6, has already lost four with another two ‘very wobbly’.

But there is one tooth that is STILL bugging me. Remember way back in September (The whole tooth) when I shared my excitement at my son’s top tooth finally coming through?! The tooth’s friend STILL isn’t through. There is no sign of it. The dentist said those teeth usually come through at 7. My son is 8 1/4 now. The same tooth on my daughter is starting to come through. And one of the teeth which is supposed to come through afterwards is through and then the one after that has just come out.

Does the tooth fairy bring money for teeth when they come through? After nearly 2 1/2 years without that tooth, I think she might be so pleased to see it when and if it does eventually appear that she might be willing to bend the rules a bit.

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