I’m not sure if it’s a boy thing, a kid thing or a my younger son thing (he is the definite culprit in our house), but every week when I hoover I have to move (or preferably remove and dispose of) a number of Things. Not just the usual Lego pieces and felt tips, but random things.

Things like:

A broken biro with a spring attached to the end

A syringe with a Lego Minifigure attached by a couple of fluorescent pipe cleaners

A nut on a piece of string

A parachute made from a carrier bag and wool with a Moshi Monsters figure dangling from it

A pyramid made from Jenga bricks with a Lego treasure chest inside

A fortress made from Jenga bricks with lots of Moshi Monsters figures inside

A piece of cuddly toy stuffing with craft googly eyes, coloured in with multi-coloured felt tips on a lead made of several flourescent pipe cleaners

A lump of blu-tac coloured in with black felt tip.

I don’t know when these Things are constructed – there doesn’t seem to be much spare time between playing Moshi Monsters on the computer and watching The Simpsons. I would hazard a guess that they are made during the hour and a half (approx) which elapses between lights off and when he actually goes to sleep.

I also don’t know where he gets his raw materials from. We are not the sort of family that keeps string, springs and nuts, but they appear every week without fail.

Is it a boy thing? Is it just him? Does anyone else get Things? What sort of Things do you find? I’d love to know.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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