Random update

Putting yourself in Cheryl Cole’s shoes, or trousers, and thinking of ways to avoid being clamped, it’s all in a random day’s work for my kids.

B1 age 9 1/2: Why were swear words invented?

B1 age 9 1/2: Mummy, have you ever been in a taxi?

LG age 4 3/4: You know when we have a busy day and it seems to go fast, is that the same for everyone?

B1 age 9 1/2: Mummy, if there was a billion pounds on the railway track, would you go and get it?

LG age 5: Shall we go on a rocket one day?

B2 age 7 3/4: If your birthday was on 1st January, wouldn’t that be weird?

B1 age 10: I’ve just had a naughty idea to avoid being clamped. You could change the shape of your wheels.

LG age 5 1/4: Does sugar have milk in?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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