Reclaiming the weekends

One of my biggest concerns about the boys getting involved with team sports was that it would wreck the weekend for the rest of us. It’s a big commitment playing rugby every week. It’s an even bigger commitment playing rugby AND football every week. Of course you can miss weeks, but our family doesn’t work like that. If we commit, we commit.

It hasn’t been so bad. Part of me likes the routine of getting up, getting ready for sport and going out in the (very) fresh air for a couple of hours while my boys run off their energy. And, much as I like the idea of day trips at weekends, I know the reality is that we very rarely managed them before anyway.

But every weekend is the same. On Sundays the earliest we get home is 12.30, so it’s 12.45 before the boys have had their much-needed showers. By that time, even an afternoon out is starting to look out of the question. And of course the boys have burned off lots of energy, so they are happy to stay at home and rest (play on computer games and watch telly specifically).

So it’s hoover the mud off the carpet, clean the gumshields and wash the kit. Then we do a bit of homework and the weekend is over. It’s time for me to think about school uniforms and dinner money.

I have a sort of weekend on Thursdays and Fridays. I enjoy Thursdays and Fridays far more than I enjoy actual weekends. Although an early weekend with my kids at school, my husband at work and a load of housework to do isn’t much of a weekend either.

And what of my daughter? When does she get her weekend?

She doesn’t want much from life. She likes going to the park to play on the swings, feed the ducks and go to the ice cream shop. If she could do that every weekend, she would be very happy. And the rest of the family would moan.

After the World War 3 (see the post of the same name) weekend I felt thoroughly miserable. Not only did we have the huge row and the football and the rugby, we had a man in the garage quietly building a car.

I decided it was time for my daughter and I to reclaim the weekends.

This Saturday we are not going down to the park to help set up football goals and collect money. My husband and his assistant coaches are perfectly capable of doing that without us. We are going to the Saturday morning cinema. It costs £1 a ticket. It is amazing. And between swimming lessons back in the day and football more recently, we have probably been about four or five times EVER. That is not good enough.

And on Sunday afternoon we are going to the park. My daughter is going to take her new roller-skates and she is going to play on the swings, feed the ducks and go to the ice cream shop. If the rest of the family want to come, they are very welcome. And if they don’t, fine. We will go on our own.

We’ve signed up for the Sport Relief Mile in March too. It’s on a Sunday morning. In previous years I have done it with all of the kids (four years ago with my daughter in a not-all-terrain-at-all buggy which nearly killed me). This year we will do it together. Just the two of us.

We are reclaiming the weekends and we are going to enjoy it.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. A great lesson to learn – we have done this too; Saturdays were taken up with the kids gym. And now, since we moved it to a weekday, we actually get the day when we can do WHAT WE WANT TOGETHER – its brilliant 🙂

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  2. Weekends can so easily get overrun with errands, chores and running to one event after another, it’s exhausting! It’s so easy a trap to fall into though. Thanks for reminding us what it should be about – planning to take the kids to the cinema this weekend and not spend the entire weekend catching up with chores!

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  3. Thanks very much for your comments, ladies! I think my girl and me have some way to go, but at least we spend some time on our own at least a bit of the time!
    Enjoy the cinema this weekend, Suzanne!

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