Nothing to moan about

So the toilet has been fixed. It’s been a long time coming. To put it into context, my Mum and Dad (not qualified plumbers by any stretch of the imagination) tried to mend it when my daughter had swine flu. In the summer of 2009. It had probably already been dodgy for a year or more then.

My husband tried to fix it too. In the last few months he phoned a plumber. Twice. The plumber may even have said he would come round. And didn’t. For some reason he couldn’t phone another plumber and I couldn’t be trusted to phone one either. Because I might have done something crazy like just look one up and phone him, rather than use one that has been recommended. Recommended and doesn’t turn up.

No amount of moaning and nagging would change the fact that the toilet wouldn’t flush more than once a day – and sometimes not even that – and no-one was coming to mend it.

Until the magical day a week ago when my friend from work said she thought it was wrong that my husband had this expensive car in the garage and I didn’t even have a toilet that flushed. I went home and told him. And he called a plumber. A different one. Who turned up. And mended the toilet.

So now what do I moan about? Where am I going to get my comedy mileage now?

To be fair, I will continue to drop toothbrushes and toothpaste in there on a regular basis (why did we ever install the bathroom cabinet right above the toilet?!). But it’s not quite as funny when the toilet has at least been flushed. I’m hoping Teddy won’t take another dip in the near future.

But on the plus side, there are still a few issues I have to cope with in my strangely disadvantaged middle class world.

Part of the deal with the plumber was that he would also mend the washing machine. You will be pleased to know that didn’t happen. It works, but it leaks. The cupboard it leaks into is now basically rotten. We haven’t been able to keep stuff in there for a year or more, what with it always being wet and that. And now it’s rotten and will need to be replaced. But not until the washing machine is mended. If it ever is.

Since I last had a moan, the bathroom fan in the en-suite (the bathroom that had a working toilet) has bitten the dust. So can we get an electrician? A call has been put into the same electrician who failed to turn up on two previous occasions in the last year ago – to move the freezer from the garage into a (non-rotten) cupboard in the kitchen. So I can still moan about that.

And of course there’s my endless IT problems, which I maintain are down to the equipment and nothing whatsoever to do with the user. The computer has broken again. And it is plugged in. (Unlike last time.)

Nothing to moan about? There’s PLENTY to moan about! Phew, I feel happier already.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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