I like having a perfectionist for a daughter. It means she tries her very hardest in everything she does. It also means she keeps her bedroom tidy and puts things away – result! Just occasionally, though, it can be a little wearing.

My girl has to wear all green for her Christmas play. ALL green. Green top and green trousers or skirt. And bare feet. No footwear, she keeps reminding me, having read the letter herself. I have less than one week to buy/ borrow/ make (let’s be honest – that ain’t going to happen) this green ensemble.

Green is not an easy colour for girls. Think about it. Can you picture any girls clothes in green? Me, neither. Possibly some green on a floral number. My girl had a lovely green cardigan with a rabbit on. But the costume doesn’t require florals or rabbits. It just needs to be green.

So if they don’t make green clothes for girls, the obvious solution is boys’ clothes. As luck would have it, my younger son has a long-sleeved bright green Tshirt with white stripes on it which is a bit small for him. Said item has now been removed from his wardrobe and hung outside my daughter’s wardrobe awaiting its companion.

It’s not good enough. It’s not all green. True, it’s not all green. But you know some families are going to interpret ‘all green’ as Hannah Montana Tshirt (not green in any way, shape or form) with denim skirt.

It’s the wrong shade of green. In my girl’s head, she is wearing a dark green top, dark green skirt and dark green tights. Even though she is supposed to have bare feet and tights would no doubt cause all sorts of health and safety issues and risk assessments.

She wanted to go to Sainsbury’s straight after Rainbows last night to buy this imaginary outfit. She won’t believe me when I tell her it won’t be there. Or Next or anywhere else. I’m wondering if Primark does any green jogging bottoms – for boys, obviously. I suspect these, if they even exist, aren’t going to cut the mustard with my girl. I can see a lot of negotiation is going to be required over the next few days.

This morning she got up with renewed enthusiasm. She was willing to let the green and white Tshirt pass her stringent quality controls. She’d been thinking. Maybe she could get a BRIGHT green skirt and BRIGHT green tights to match the Tshirt.

Give me strength.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. oh for heaven’s sake this sounds like madness! When did the nativity stop being about baby Jesus and involve aliens?

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  2. Ha! It’s always a nightmare! All max needed last year was a plain black long sleeved top. Was really tricky to track down anything without an angry bird or some such emblazoned on the front! Good luck with the green hunt!

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  3. Wow, now you mention it, I DON’T see any green clothes for girls, which is a crying shame as my daughter has beautiful red hair and happens to look amazing in green. Good luck on the hunt, I hope you find something. (try uniform shops, the ones round here tend to have green polos in them quite often)

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  4. Oh goodness, what a nightmare.

    My only advice would be perhaps Primark, get some white, or light coloured leggings, a top, etc, and dye them?

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  5. Thanks very much for your tips, everyone! Who knew it could be so difficult to find green stuff – and cheaply too! Very good call on the green school uniform, Jayne, thanks!
    MummyBarrow – you are so right! Whenever my kids do a nativity, Mary and Joseph are tiny non-speaking parts in the background and it’s all about the aliens, or the animals or something else.

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