My daughter is obsessed with, and very scared by, ‘robbers’. To her they are mythical creatures, not human, a bit like ghosts or monsters under the bed. Here are some of her concerns…

Age 5 1/4: You know robbers, do they have different people, like groups of robbers?

Age 5 1/4: If there were no robbers in the world, would you need to lock your doors? That would be better, but then a baby might be born and the baby might grow up to be a robber, so it would be bet to lock your door just in case.

Age 5 1/4: B2 says robbers come after 10 o’clock. Do you think they will?

Age 5 1/2: Will robbers be out now? (8pm)
Me: No.
LG: Do I look like I’m 4?
Me: No, you look like you’re 5.
LG: I think I look like I’m 4.
Me: What’s the matter with looking like you’re 4?
LG: Robbers take children who are 3 or 4.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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