The mystery of pregnancy and birth

The mystery of pregnancy and birth – how the blinking flip do babies get out? And what happens to them on the inside? Luckily and surprisingly, no-one has ever asked me how they got there in the first place!

LG age 4 1/4: When babies are in mummies’ tummies, do they get all dirty when the mummy eats food?

B1 age 9: What would happen if you were a man and you gave birth?

B2 age 6 3/4: How did your tummy make me so big built? Is it magic?

LG age 5: When the baby pops out of your tummy, how does the skin grow back?

LG age 5: How does the baby get from your tummy to your minnie?

LG age 5: Now I know why men can’t have babies. They can’t squeeze them out of their willies.

LG age 5: I don’t think boy babies would like being squeezed out of a lady’s minnie.

LG age 5: Does the mum choose how big the baby’s belly button will be?

LG age 5: What if you need a wee when the baby’s coming out?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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