Could I DIY?

I’m a freelancer working from home and I love the freedom. Sometimes I’m really busy with work and sometimes? I’m not. In the past I’ve gone entire days with no work at all to do. And when it’s quiet like that I can’t help wondering, could I be doing something more useful?

I’m a very reluctant housewife and I will hoover, mop and clean the bathrooms when they need doing, but there’s other stuff I could do too.


If only my husband would trust me…

My husband works incredibly hard all week (and often at weekends too). Then at weekends he’s catching up on DIY or gardening or touching up bits of painting. Yes, we’ve been in our house over three and a half years and there’s still bits of painting (windowsills mainly) that either haven’t been finished or haven’t been painted at all. I really admire his energy and dedication, but I sometimes wonder if I couldn’t take the pressure off a bit?

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OK, I’m a complete amateur and it would definitely take me longer than it takes him, but I can learn, can’t I? And it would be good for me to feel that I’m contributing to the household in some way when I can’t contribute financially.

And it’s not just me that could take the pressure off. The kids were actually a great help when we redesigned our garden last year.

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One thing I’ve noticed when my husband is doing DIY is that he usually needs either me or one of our teenage sons to stand at the bottom of the ladder to pass him tools – or often to go into the garage to look for the tools!

Not that one, the bigger one… Not that one, the cross-head one…

It would make sense to have all the tools together in one place that was easily accessible. And it would also make it easier for someone like me to get on and do some DIY on my own without having to call on my teenage assistants. A rolling tool box keeps everything together and is easy to move around next time a piece of flat pack furniture needs putting together, a picture needs hanging, a leaky tap needs fixing or a hole in the wall needs patching.

They would make great Christmas presents to help keep the family’s tools together – or for a grown up son or daughter about to embark on living away from home.

So next time work goes a bit quiet, I’m going to finish painting a windowsill and see if I can get our ensuite toilet to actually flush. Imagine how proud that would make me feel!

This is a collaborative post.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I have something very similar to a rolling toolbox for keeping wires and other bits and bob in place for powering my gadgets, often when on blogging assignments. it is awesome!

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    • That sounds very cool! I can just imagine you as some sort of super blogger with your tool box trailing after you on assignments!

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  2. Oh, you could definitely do it! I intend to do the same if I end up with a bit of time at some point. Although, my husband is useless at DIY so it’s slightly different. He’d just be pleased I’d done it!

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    • Thanks for the vote of confidence! My husband is good at DIY, which does show me up a bit! I did lots of painting when we first moved in, but apparently the standard wasn’t quite high enough! But the offer to help is still there! x

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  3. I think you could definitely do it if you put your mind to it, plus there is always google and YouTube as back up. Saying that my husband tried to unplug the bathroom sink the other day and water started dripping down the kitchen walls. The walls we had just painted the previous day !!!! So yep I think I will just rely on my stepdad to do our DIY x

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