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Apparently, over half of British adults believe they would have pursued their dreams if they’d had more energy as a child. Energy has never been a problem for me – either as a child or now. But I didn’t follow my dreams.

My dream was to be an actor. I was pretty good at acting as a teenager, if I do say it myself. My teachers certainly thought so and I had the lead role in two consecutive 6th form plays. I remember getting so emotional and into character in one scene that I ended up smashing a glass. And the poor stage manager (a fellow upper 6th student) cut her hand clearing the glass off the stage. I also ran a children’s drama group and directed two shows all by myself. I loved the long summer days working at the theatre on those shows.

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But I didn’t follow my dreams.

For one thing, I couldn’t sing or dance to save my life and most actors are ‘triple threats’ – they sing, dance and act. For another thing, I was a ‘clever kid’ and clever kids don’t follow their dreams to become actors. They go to university and study for something ‘proper’.

So I became a press officer.

There’s nothing wrong with being a press officer. It’s a fun and challenging job. It has a lot more variety than many ‘proper’ jobs. But can the buzz of a big story match the buzz of being on stage? I guess I’ll never know.

Until a year ago, my daughter wanted to be a teacher or an architect. Regular readers will know that, unlike her mum, my daughter is a very good dancer. A year ago, she took part in her first professional pantomime. After that, life would never be the same.

She’s tasted life on the professional stage. She’s worked with professional actors and a professional director and choreographer. She’s learned to sing and act as well as dance.

Now my own ‘clever kid’, who has got a place at grammar school, wants to be an actor or a dancer.

And I’m not going to stop her.

Too many of us ending up working in offices, sending emails, making phone calls, worrying about whose turn it is to make the tea next and feeling a little bit unfulfilled. I didn’t follow my dream, so I’m going to let my daughter follow hers, if that’s what she really wants. If she wants to go to drama school instead of university, that’s fine by me. Or if she wants to do a performing arts degree instead of an academic one, that’s fine by me. If she wants to go to Disneyland Paris and dance in a parade every day, that’s fine by me.

If it doesn’t work out, at least she can say she’s tried.

Being a dancer requires lots of energy and sometimes it requires very quick, snatched meals between one class and the next. Luckily, my daughter is a big fan of Sun-Pat peanut butter on toast (as are my husband and I), which gives her the energy to keep dancing for as long as she needs to.

Sun-Pat peanut butter

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This is a sponsored post written with Sun-Pat, but all dreams of stage glory are our own!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh that’s so interesting, I had no idea you used to act. Do you do any amateur dramatics now? I agree with you about letting them follow their dreams. They have to make their own decisions or they’ll always regret it.

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    • They definitely will! What’s the worst that can happen? It doesn’t work out and they get a safe job!
      Only people knew me as a teenager knew of my acting dreams. I haven’t acted since I was 18. I haven’t had the time! I might go back to am-dram in my 50s! x

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  2. Love this! Funny how we don’t follow our dreams. My daughter loves horse riding, she’s good too, but I wonder if in ten years she’ll end up sat behind a desk like me. I hope not! I wanted to be an astronaut! Great competition too x

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    • I really hope your daughter’s horse riding dreams work out for her. It’s great that you’re so supportive of her. Being an astronaut is a very cool dream. It wouldn’t have been good for me as I’m claustrophobic!
      Do make sure you enter the competition! Good luck! x

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  3. My son would love a year’s supply of peanut butter! What a great prize. I didn’t really follow my dreams, but I hope my children do.

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    • I’d quite like a year’s supply of peanut butter myself! Here’s hoping your kids follow their dreams!

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  4. I love that your daughter wants to dance. Bless her – I wanted to be Jennifer Beales in Flashdance myself! I am with you – we have to support our kids and let them pursue whatever dreams they have. There are always practical ways they can make a living with whatever their dreams are so let them explore! This is a great post – maybe one day you will find yourself on stage, achieving your dream! Good luck!

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    • Thanks very much! Somehow I don’t see myself up on stage myself, but I’d love to see my daughter make it. She is a very good dancer and she absolutely loves it 🙂

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  5. I love that photo of you, you look so young!! I had no idea that you dreamed of being an actress, I understand why you went in another direction, though, the triple threat does make a real difference if you want to be a success. Good for you for encouraging your daughter to follow her dreams, though, you only live once.

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    • Thanks very much! She has a far better chance of making it than me, I think. I’m only 17 in that photo 🙂

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  6. Ahh love this post and reading about your dreams. I have every faith in your girl and I’m sure she’ll be very successful. A nurse once told me to eat a lot of peanuts and drink Guinness because I was so underweight. I never did the Guinness bit but I did eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches 🙂

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    • You can’t beat peanut butter sandwiches. Or peanut butter on toast. Or on digestive biscuits!
      Thanks, I really hope my girl can achieve her dreams – starting with this year’s panto!

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  7. Yay, I love the way you are supporting your daughters dreams, I know how much time it took last year but also how proud of her you were. Mich x

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    • Thanks very much! The panto was a huge commitment, but worth every second. And now it’s started all over again! x

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  8. Such a shame you never followed your dreams – maybe you should join an Am Dram group now the kids are older………I wanted to be an air stewardess (cabin crew) but my parents said they were just glorified waitresses…….wish I hadn’t listened 🙁

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    • What a shame! My friend from uni was the only person on our course who got a first. She worked in TV for a couple of years and became very disillusioned with it, so she followed her dream and became cabin crew. She’s been doing it for about 20 years now!
      I should definitely join an am-dram group when my kids aren’t quite as reliant on me for lifts.

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  9. I didn’t know you used to act – something to get back into maybe when the kids are older. I would totally go with the dream for your daughter as you say you can always go back to do the safe job. If she’s successful though, she’ll be grateful for your support.

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    • Thanks very much! Nobody knows I wanted to act apart from people who knew me as a teenager. It has taught me that I will support my daughter with whatever she wants to do. Going back to do the safe option is the worst that can happen, so she really has nothing to lose!

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  10. Always happy to hear when parents don’t put pressure on children to follow the parents’ dreams. If it makes her happy then I’m sure she’ll excel at it! x

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    • Thanks very much! She’s certainly excelling at the moment 🙂 x

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  11. My kids currently want to be writers or pro-surfers, I quite like the idea of both of those!

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