Keeping fit and the work-life balance

I absolutely love working at home. I like being my own boss and having the freedom to manage my own time. I can start work at 5.30am if I like or I can work at 11pm if I want (I don’t, I’m an early bird rather than a night owl). But, best of all, I like being able to take my kids to school every day and pick them up. I like to be able to go to sports days, assemblies and school concerts without booking leave or panicking about getting there on time because I left it too late to leave work.

On the whole, the work-life balance is great. But sometimes the lines get a bit blurred. It’s too easy when your ‘office’ is at home to check emails when you’re out with the kids or do some work when you’re supposed to be making the tea. There’s no clear start and finish like there is when you leave the house to work. There’s no annual leave either. You can take a day off, you can even take a week off, but it’s not quite the same as walking out of the office for a week and knowing your colleagues are there to pick work up. Because you’re the only one to pick work up.

But, right from the start, one important part of the work-life balance I got right is exercise. For me, building exercise into my working day is essential. So I always start the day with a walk or a run. I tell my clients I start work at 10am, to allow me to go for a run. A run sets me up for the day. I feel fit and healthy in body and mind. The adrenaline is pumping and I’m ready to work. Even when I’m snowed under, I’ll always make sure I have a quick walk before work.

But what if you can’t build in the time for a run or a walk? There’s still ways you can exercise (although if you don’t work from home, your colleagues might think you a little strange!). Furniture at Work  has come up with this great infographic on doing yoga at your desk. As someone who has been running for more than half my life and who definitely isn’t getting younger, I’ve been toying with the idea of giving a yoga a go for a while. My poor muscles are much tighter than they used to be and I know yoga would be just what I need to loosen them up a bit. And with sitting at a desk all day bringing its own issues for many people, from back pain to RSI, it’s worth giving a bit of office yoga a try. Maybe I will finally sign up for that yoga class I’ve been promising myself for years!


I wrote this post in partnership with Furniture at Work, but all tight limbs and 10am starts are my own. I have received compensation for my time.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh my goodness you’re just me in another life! I feel exactly the same about working from home, it’s so difficult to switch off and exercising in the morning makes you feel so much better for the whole day doesn’t it?? I love the office yoga idea!

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    • I have to have my exercise! Even if I’ve got six different jobs on that need completing that day, I’ll have to have a walk at least.

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  2. I am terrible for switching off when working from home. I used to just keep working till 10pm. Kids have stopped that a bit but I get work email on my phone so I’m forever looking at it. I don’t think I’d ever do full on yoga in my chair at work but I love the principles and might have to learn how to do it a bit more discreetly to give myself a good stretch!

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    • It’s so hard to switch off when you’re working from home. The main thing that stops me is the endless requirements to give my kids lifts after school! I think a bit of discreet yoga could be good – definitely best not to do it full-on when you’re in an office full of people!

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