Diary Doll pants for life’s little leaks

I first heard about Diary Doll knickers at Britmums Live last year. And I was pretty amazed. I hadn’t expected to be amazed by pants. But they made so much sense.

Because, let’s be honest, women leak.

We have periods. We have weak pelvic floors. We have babies and then there’s all sorts of gunk for weeks.

We don’t want to share these leaks with our friends and family, but normal pants leak too. So why on earth had nobody thought of a pair of waterproof knickers before?

Diary Doll knickers are the genius creation of TV presenter, Carol Smillie, and her friend, the former tennis player, Annabel Croft. Having been so in awe when I heard Carol talk about them, I was only too pleased to try a pair out.

Diary Doll, Carol Smillie, Annabel Croft, Review

I’m pleased to say I’ve never suffered from heavy periods. Between you and me, I haven’t even had that many periods in my adult life, as they took a very long time to return after all of my babies and then the type of contraception I’ve used has meant I’ve had either none or very light ones.

But I do, like many mums, suffer from a bit of stress incontinence. I could really have done with my Diary Dolls when I went trampolining the other day! And I do have a tendency to do really massive sneezes…

When I say Diary Doll are very ordinary looking pants, I’m not being rude about them. Because ordinary is a good thing. There’s nothing frumpy or ‘medical’ looking about them. They’re just knickers, which wouldn’t stand out in anyone’s drawer, whether you’re a teenage girl or an older lady. They’re beautifully packaged and come in four colours – pale blue, pale pink, black and grey marl.

Diary Doll, Diary Doll knickers, Diary Doll pants, Review

When you hold them, you can feel that there’s something slightly unusual about them, but when you put them on, they feel very comfortable and completely normal. They don’t have a gusset like normal pants, or maybe they just have a really big gusset, which is as big as the entire pants?! The waterproof layer is entirely hidden – you can’t see it, feel it or hear it (I did wonder if it might crackle!).

I’m used to cotton knickers and these are 95% viscose. Would they be as comfortable? They certainly would!

They come in four sizes – 6-8, 10-12, 14-16 and 18-20. I usually wear size 8s, but consider myself on the large side of an 8, so I went for a pair in 10-12. Although the elastic fit well, they were slightly baggy round the front, so the smaller size would probably have been better for me.

So what are they for? Do you still need to wear a sanitary towel or tampon? They’re for those times when you’re not feeling all that confident – to buy you a bit of time when your period starts suddenly or you’re not sure how easy it is going to be to change your tampon or towel. But, although they will hold up to three teaspoons of liquid to help protect clothing and bedding, you definitely need to wear your normal sanitary protection.

They’re great for sport, because sports gear can be pretty unforgiving – short and tight, with everything on display – and nobody wants little accidents when they’re dressed like that.

Diary Doll retail at around £14.95 a pair and are available at a number of retailers, including Boots.

As my daughter is approaching puberty, I would definitely think about getting her a couple of pairs to have ready for that time of the month. And I will definitely be wearing my Diary Dolls if I ever go trampolining again!

I was sent a pair of Diary Doll pants for the purpose of this review. All opinions, trampolining incidents and pre-pubescent daughters are my own.

Diary Doll, Diary Doll knickers, Diary Doll pants

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh this is really interesting. I’d heard of them, but sort of thought they were just incontinence pants. I’d never thought about periods. Great idea to give them to a girl who has just started her periods, definitely a good way to prevent embarrassment.

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    • It certainly is! Starting periods is such scary time for young girls. Diary Doll started out more as period pants, but definitely have a use for stress incontinence too. x

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  2. I wish they’d had these when I was a teen. I’ve had really heavy ones through my teens and twenties, right until I had a baby really. These would have been so good!

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    • They’re such a good idea that it’s amazing nobody had thought of them before. I’ve been lucky with periods, but I know so many women who’ve suffered and it’s so much worse when you’re young because of the added embarrassment 🙁

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