New house, new beds and painting the Forth Bridge

We’ve been in our house nearly two and a half years now and I can safely say that it’s like painting the Forth Bridge. We’ve done a lot to it in that time – we’ve got a brand new kitchen and bathroom, it’s been painted throughout, we’ve got new carpets and new doors, the outside of the house has been painted and we’ve just about finished sorting the garden, well, the back garden at least!

But there’s still more to do – particularly the hideous pink ensuite bathroom, the downstairs toilet that won’t flush and the upstairs toilet, all of which are firmly stuck in the 80s. And, while they have yet to be dealt with for a first time, other parts of the house are already going downhill. Five people living in a house tends to have that effect. There is scuffed and marked paintwork that could benefit from a touch-up and holes in the ceiling where the lighting has been replaced.

Then there are the mistakes we made which need rectifying. My younger son has the smallest bedroom. It has a small window, with trees outside which block the light. So it’s a seriously dark room. It hasn’t been helped by his decision to have his feature wall painted dark blue. Nor has it been helped by his space-saving high bed, in dark blue, which further blocks the light. Space-saving is important, but I’m starting to question whether the benefits outweigh the downsides of the darkness. Should we replace his bed? It’s a costly thing to do, but probably something worth bearing in mind for the future when everything else is finished (although is a house ever finished?).

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We got a new mattress ourselves last year and it’s a lot better than our old one. I wouldn’t say I’m actually sleeping better, but I’m not going to blame the mattress for that. The aching leg that plagued me for so long has more or less left me know, it just pops back once or twice a month to remind me not to get too complacent. I’m realistic and know it could be back for good at any time. When and if it does make a return, I may have to think again about sleeping arrangements, with a bed from Their beds are medically proven to ease pains and improve relaxation. We’re none of us getting any younger, so that sounds like a very good idea for the future.

In the meantime, I’ll keep plugging away with painting the Forth Bridge and hoping that one day my house will really be fit for a family of five in 2016.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh at least you’re trying, I’m totally failing to make any attempts at sorting my house out at the moment – unless having half a kitchen counts as it’s sort of half way through a makeover! The adjustable beds sound great actually, I haven’t thought of these but they’d make a lot of sense for my husband at the moment.

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    • They would make a lot of sense for your husband! They’re not something I’d thought of before, but great for older age or any long-term injuries or conditions I think.
      You’re a brave woman living with half a kitchen! x

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  2. Has it really been two and a half years since you moved in, I remember you moving in like it was a few months ago. I think houses are just never ending. You think you are getting to the end, and then you have to restart all over again. I think you need to throw a party when your delightful en-suite eventually goes lol x

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    • Yes, it’s very nearly two and a half years since we moved in! I don’t know where that tie has gone. With any luck, the horrible pink ensuite will be gone in August. I’ve no idea how we’ve managed to live with it that long! x

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