It’s nearly time for holidays!

Well, the half-term is over, the sun is shining (as I write it is, at least, let’s hope it lasts!) and it’s not long until the school summer holidays. And that means going away and enjoying some sun and some sand, whether in the UK or in some far-flung corner of the world…

Are you ready for it?

What’s the first thing you think about when getting ready for a holiday?

Is it new outfits for yourself and the kids? Do you always have to have a brand new bikini or a nice pair of sandals?

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Holidaying in the UK, I tend to concentrate on whether we’ve got enough socks to last us a week and whether our waterproofs still fit and will still protect us from downpours! I’m also a bit obsessed with our health.

Because when you go on holiday, you’re just as likely to get ill as when you’re at home. And, with kids, that’s pretty likely! Plus there’s the additional risks of sunburn and sunstroke, headaches from the sun and nasty bites from insects.

I always pay a trip to the pharmacy to make sure we’ve got plenty of suncream and some after-sun. I take regular medicines like paracetamol and ibuprofen for headaches and general aches and pains with us – tablets for the bigger members of the family and Calpol for the smaller members of the family. We like a good walk on holiday, so plasters are important for blisters and any falls. Insect repellent is an essential, whether you’re going abroad or camping in a damp field in Devon.

If you’re going abroad, there’s a lot more to think about. There’s the increased risk of diarrhoea from unfamiliar foods or unclean water, so it’s important to have remedies for stomach upsets, as well as something to help with rehydration.

And don’t forget travel vaccinations from your local pharmacy or GP. It’s time to get prepared now, so you’re protected in good time for your holiday. If you’re not sure which vaccinations you need, Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor offers a a free assessment to make sure you get the right ones. You can even book your appointment online.

For me, it’s so important not to get caught out while on holiday and I like to be prepared. By the time I’ve organised, shopped and packed all the essentials, I am most definitely ready for a holiday!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ooh I love your photos on this post, fab layout. I miss the days of having to worry about travel vaccines!

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    • Thanks very much! These photos were all from the last year, so it looks like we must have had some fun! I’ve only had vaccines once – for our honeymoon in Thailand. x

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  2. My thoughts are definitely turning to the summer holidays now they have gone back, and for once we have NOTHING planned. I need to get my finger out and start booking some adventures for us. When we go on holiday in the UK, I always have our medicine bag all good to go. And when going abroad, just need to pack a few more things, like factor 50 x

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