Contact lenses – one year on

My younger son has been wearing contact lenses for just over a year now and I’m so proud of how he’s coped with them. Those first few times that you watch your child struggling to get contact lenses in are scary. You just want to tell them to stop, to give up, that glasses are fine…

But before I knew it, my son was a pro and getting his lenses in and out.

On the whole, he’s been pretty good with them. For the first few months, he wore them seven days a week and never gave himself a break, which seemed a bit much. Then he got some glasses he liked better than his old ones, so now he usually wears glasses on one day at the weekend to give his eyes a break. He’s also OK with wearing glasses on Scout camp, where it isn’t easy to have the levels of hygiene you need for putting your fingers in your eyes!

My son wears monthly lenses. We chose these mainly because of the cost. Obviously there are disadvantages compared to dailies – the aforementioned hygiene, for one! If you’re going to be wearing them nearly every day for a month, you have to be very careful to handle them correctly and keep them clean. He’s been very good at that, but it doesn’t offer much flexibility. And the month really is a month! He always knows exactly when it’s time to change them, because his eyes start to feel sore and itchy on the last couple of days of the month. I sometimes wonder whether we should give him the option of daily contact lenses, but at our optician they are four times as expensive as the monthlies. I know you can’t put a price on your child’s health etc, but, it is quite a big expense to be landing ourselves with every month.

But do they cost four times as much everywhere? It turns out that they don’t! At Feel Good Contact Lenses they cost only twice what his monthlies cost. Some brands don’t even cost as much as that! That seems like a much more manageable cost and is definitely worth considering. If my son had daily contact lenses, I’d be much happier for him to wear them on Scout camp and he would avoid the couple of days of sore eyes at the end of the month.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh I’m glad he’s getting on so well with them. I really don’t know much about daily and monthly contact lenses. My little girl is only 4 but has already been wearing glasses for 2 years. I suspect she’ll move on to contacts in the future. It’s quite heartening to see your son wearing them at such a young age, hopefully my daughter will have that option when she’s a bit older too.

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    • Thanks very much! I didn’t know anything about them until he started wearing them either. He’s amazed me with how well he’s got on with them. My daughter is happy wearing glasses, but I suspect there will be times when she would like (or needs) to wear contacts, so dailies for occasional use would probably work best for her. x

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  2. Dailies just sound so perfect and convenient don’t they? But u can imagine they must cost a small fortune if you’re having to buy them every single month. I hadn’t considered buying them online though, great idea if they save you some good money!

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    • I think dailies are ultimately the way forward and are especially good for people who only wear contacts some of the time. Buying online seems to make so much sense when they’re that much cheaper!

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  3. I think it is great that he chose to wear contact lenses at such a young age. I started wearing glasses when I was 5, and I got my first pair of lenses when I was 17. I really wish I had braved them whilst I was in high school. It sounds like he is better than me at remembering when my month ends, I am always forgetting x

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    • He does have a bit of help in remembering when to change them! Last month he forgot for the first time ever – he just didn’t realise he hadn’t changed them and wondered why his eyes were sore!
      I think they’re so much better than when we were young. I remember a friend of mine having them at school, but I think they were quite uncomfortable. My daughter is now thinking she might like them to wear sometimes. x

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