Are you getting enough sleep?

Sleep. It’s a contentious issue for me – and for lots of people, if my Twitter timeline is to be believed. Personally I’m usually awake just before 5 and I don’t really know why, but I always have a lot on my mind – pretty boring stuff like how I’m going to fit all the housework in, but it seems to be enough to wake me.

Over the holidays, my kids started waking later and going to bed later. And even I started to wake a bit later – 6am, which is a lie-in for me. But as the kids go back to school and parents get back into work mode, we’re all madly trying to adjust our family’s sleep patterns. So are we actually getting enough sleep?

Is it just us Brits that struggle? Ever wondered how many more hours sleep a night people in Germany get compared to people in the UK? Apparently they get almost half an hour more on average. This infographic by Mattress Next Day looks at the sleeping habits of people around the world to find out their sleeping hours on work and non-work nights as well as their attitude to sleep. 50% of people in Mexico take a warm bath before bed, while 47% of Americans pray or meditate before bed. Take a look at your own sleeping habits and find out how you compare to some of the world’s busiest countries…Sleep, Infographic, Mattress Next Day, section-5


This post was written in partnership with Mattress Next Day.



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. That is so interesting to read! I know I don’t get enough sleep. I get about 6 hours a night.

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    • Not getting enough seems to be a very common problem! I’m usually happy when I get six as it’s often a lot less.

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