In need of new wardrobes

I love our house and have never for one moment (even in the darkest days of our kitchen works) regretted leaving a three bedroom bungalow, with a tiny kitchen, where the boys had to share a room, for a five bedroom house. But there’s on thing I really do miss.

Our old bedroom.

Our old bedroom was a spacious loft conversion – a much-needed haven of calm and tranquility in an otherwise crowded space. We had a large built-in wardrobe each and it was tidy and uncluttered.

Our new bedroom? Not so much.

Our new bedroom is significantly smaller. We only knew it was the master bedroom because it’s got an ensuite bathroom. It is exactly the same size as my eldest’s room, but he’s got a large built-in wardrobe.

Coming from a room with built-in wardrobes and therefore having no wardrobes of our own, while my son moved to a room with built-in wardrobes, you can guess what we did. Yes, not wanting to waste money that was needed for paint and carpets (not to mention a new bathroom and a new kitchen), we moved the boys’ old wardrobes into our room.

The old wardrobes - the space just doesn't work for us!

The old wardrobes – the space just doesn’t work for us!

Kids’ wardrobes aren’t really big enough for our needs, plus they don’t exactly look stylish. As a result, our bedroom is cluttered and in dire need of attention. Until now, it’s been way down the list – the kids’ bedrooms were highest priority, followed by the bathroom and the kitchen (with an awful lot of painting along the way), but now it might be time to think about our own needs.

How can we get wardrobes that fit the space, keep all of our clothes and possessions neat and tidy AND look decent? It’s a tall order.

Urban Wardrobes, wardrobe, fitted wardrobe

How amazing is this fitted wardrobe? Images courtesy of Urban Wardrobes.

But there is a solution – fitted wardrobes! I used to think fitted wardrobes were a bit naff, but they’ve come a long way and there’s some fantastic fitted wardrobes and walk in wardrobe designs out there. You can work closely with designers to make sure your wardrobe really meets your needs, fits your space and is in a material that suits your own style. Wardrobes can include hanging space (of course), as well as shelving, small drawers if you want them, a mirror on the inside (we don’t even have space for a mirror in our bedroom!) and pretty much anything else you would find useful.

Urban Wardrobes, wardrobes, bedroom, fitted wardrobes

Sorting out our bedroom is still below sorting out the dreadful ensuite bathroom on our list of priorities, but we will get there! And when we do, we will be thinking carefully about the perfect wardrobes.

Urban Wardrobes, wardrobes, fitted wardrobes, bedroom

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  1. They really have come a long way and the way they organise space and make the most of it can be impressive! After our declutter I realised how much space we actually had in them. And how much junk we’ve been hoarding!

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    • That’s the one problem with having a lot of space, you can always find stuff to fill it! And it’s not always stuff you need!

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  2. My son has built in wardrobes in his bedroom and they are huge. You literally can hide anything in there (kids included when they are playing hide and seek). We bought new sliding doors a few years ago, and it was a great investment. I would love to get fitted wardrobes in our bedroom too x

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    • They sound brilliant. Some well-organised space would revolutionise our bedroom!

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  3. Oh my word. I’ve never had fitted wardrobes and they are on my list of dream things to have in my house. Sad, I know but having the freedom to have enough space and drawers and doors that actually open – sadly I can only dream. One day maybe, one day!x

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    • Our old ones (and the one my son has now) were pretty basic, but they did the job. Something more stylish would be amazing though! (My drawers don’t open either – suspect they’re full of 10 year old clothes!). x

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  4. When we moved house (when I was a child in 81) one of the things that fascinated me about the house were the walk in wardrobes in my room and my parents room. Bro was in the box room, ha. I used to imagine it was Narnia and they were also handy for hiding from Ma when she was hormonally challenged.
    When it comes to wardrobes, cupboards etc it doesn’t matter how much space you give me, I WILL fill it. 😉 x

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  5. We just finished putting in our walk in wardrobe……aaand I can say, it has never been so easy to hide tour clothes and shoes 🙂 No mess, just close the doors and incite guests 🙂

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