Things I wonder (the French exchange)

My son is away on a French exchange and I can’t stop wondering. About him. About if he’s OK. About France and if it’s changed since I was on the French exchange nearly 30 years ago.

In my day, there were no mobile phones and no social media. There was an agreement that you would call your family twice on the French family’s phone and, in return, the French kid would phone his/ her family on your home phone.

These days, we know what everyone is up to all the time. But the kids are being encouraged not to phone and text home too much and not to put too much on social media. So it feels like a news blackout and there’s now much I’m wondering about.

Things I wonder:

Is he happy?

Is he getting on well with his pen friend and his family?

Did he have a good night’s sleep?

Is he managing to get up in the morning?

Is he eating?

How do French people provide for vegetarians?

Has he had to witness the family eating rabbit?

Or snails?

Or frogs’ legs?

Do the French still have a salad course and a cheese course?

Does he have a massive bag of crisps and big pack of biscuits for his packed lunch?

Is he getting on well with all the other kids on the trip?

Do French kids still smoke?

Do French kids still ride mopeds?

Without helmets?

Is he enjoying his trips out?

Where is he now?

Is he trying to speak French?

Is he learning new French words?

Other than swear words?

It’s a lot to wonder, but I won’t have to wonder much longer, as he will be home before we know it. I’m wondering if the calm of our house over the last few days will be gone, or if it will continue a bit longer.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Your son probably hasn’t considered any of the above and would think you were mad if you asked him….lol.

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    • He certainly would! I’m sure he would have been slightly concerned about eating before he went as he does struggle with food.

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  2. I love your lists of things you wonder! I wonder so much everyday that I now have to actually turn my whole brain off or else it would pop. If they are not near me I have to just stop and focus on something else! It is ridic!!! x

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    • Glad I’m not the only one. It’s a nightmare when your head is so full of stuff! x

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