Working at home: IT issues

I’ve been working for myself for just over a year now and I wouldn’t change it for the world. There are so many advantages – being there for the kids to do the school runs and to watch whatever sport or performance they’re taking part in, as well as take them to any doctor’s or hospital appointments. Then there’s the lack of travel time, being able to manage my own work and my own time, plus earning more per hour for the work I do. It really is a win-win and I won’t ever go back to working in an office.

But there is one minor disadvantage.

IT issues.

You see, I’m a complete technophobe. To put it bluntly, I’m rubbish with IT.

I can do the basics – write stuff, edit stuff and email stuff, but I have no idea how it actually WORKS. So if my printer plays up, my computer shuts itself down or displays a scary-looking error message, I’ve really got no idea what’s going on.

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I ask my husband, but a) he’s not a lot better than me and b) he doesn’t have a lot of time or patience for me and my little issues. Particularly if he suspects my ‘issues’ are less to do with my ability to work and more to do with my ability to tweet and blog. The two are fundamentally linked. Honest. I NEED to be able to do both.

At work, if these things happened, there was usually a friendly colleague to advise and, if it was beyond the capabilities of my colleagues, there was a magic number to phone and someone would be there on the end of the line to sort it all out. And, just when your computer started to slow down or look a bit dated, it would magically be replaced by a new, shiny one, the envy of your colleagues who hadn’t yet been upgraded. And, most importantly, the new computer would have no IT issues at all!

But that’s all in the past. The present is me and my incompetence, sat at home and trying to work as best I can with my limited IT knowledge. I’m good at the actual job, but there are times, when the IT stresses me out.

Have I received that error message too often now? Is my computer too old? Is it time to upgrade? And, if so, what’s the right computer for me to do the very best possible job for clients?

Frankly, I need simple, straightforward advice and I found it somewhere I wouldn’t have expected to find it – with Tesco, who I rely on to fill my fridge, not sort out my IT! Their Computers buying guide is full of really simple, sensible computer advice and perfect for people like me who find computers and stuff a bit confusing and overwhelming.

Now if only I could work out what that error message meant…

This post was written for Tesco, but all opinions are my own.


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ahh the joys of IT! I am lucky I work in an IT company and my hubby is an IT geek, I still get stuck! At the moment I would love a brand new personal laptop. Doubt it’ll happen though 🙂

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    • It must be so good to have the skills (plus the husband!) to sort IT out. Fingers crossed you get your laptop! I reckon my desk top has one more year in it. Tops!

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  2. I’m very fortunate to have been brought up with computers but I totally understand your frustration. Even though I know what I am doing, I still get stuck and annoyed that it’s not doing what I want.

    If you ever get the blue screen of death (as us tech nerds call it) it’s usually time to get a new device.

    X x x

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    • Thanks very much! It’s no wonder I get stuck if people who are good with them struggle too sometimes.
      I get the blue screen every few weeks 🙁 I suspected it marked the beginning of the end!

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  3. I know nothing about computers and how they work but luckily my fella does…..I’d be lost without him. Eek! The blue screen of death…That terrifies me!

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  4. I am not too bad with computers myself but the blue screen of death TERRIFIES me. Since switching to the MacBook Air though I find I don’t get so many issues (or updates!). Harry and the husband have the old Windows laptop and it seems to do updates every single day. x

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  5. I am dreadful. What I do is turn it on and then turn it off and then shout and then phone my husband! That is it! Glad you have found some help! x

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