What she wore: Falling into autumn

It’s transition time! Gone are the summer dresses and stroppy playsuits, but we’re not quite ready for the winter woollies just yet (thank goodness!). So what is a little girl supposed to wear in September and October?

I must admit we haven’t put much thought into her autumn wardrobe yet, mainly because I’m in denial and want it to still be summer. But we spotted a 25% event at Sainsburys the other week and it seemed rude not to take advantage! Her autumn wardrobe has to start somewhere, and a Sainsburys 25% off event is as good a place as any.

We had a look round to see if there was anything we liked and we both chose these shorts. They’re a kind of soft tweed in a nice shade of purple. I suspect they won’t last that well, but they’re fine for now. They’ve got a faux leather trim and matching belt, which my daughter quite liked. They came in a set with some floral tights, but the tights look like they would go up to her armpits right now and aren’t tights just a bit wintry?!

PicMonkey autumnshortsCollage

She also chose a three pack of leggings. They had loads of different sets of leggings, but my daughter chose a blue pack. She’s wearing the most practical of the three – the others are a nautical stripe and one decorated with the Eiffel Tower, which I VERY much doubt she will wear, but who knows?

She finished the outfit off with her cotton, nautical striped jumper, which I got in the Next sale. I bought it big so it will last for next summer too.

She’s wearing her trusty Crocs here, but this would look loads better with her Converse!

PicMonkey autumnshorts2Collage


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I do quite like Sainsbury and the 25% off sales are great. That looks lovely. I have been panicking this week and wondering what to put A in as she has grown out of a lot of her wintry stuff from last year and just has a ton of summer dresses in her wardrobe. A shopping trip is definitely on the cards I think

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    • They do definitely need less clothes when they’re at school, though! I still buy too many for my daughter – or I buy the right amount and she chooses to only wear one outfit every weekend for two months!

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  2. Cute outfit and I love the sainsburys 25% off events I usually get my uniforms from there when they have this on x

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    • Very sensible to get the uniforms then! I’m never that organised! It’s good they have them every few weeks, so always worth holding on for.

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  3. I’m a big fan of Sainsbury’s and the 25% off is a no brainer to stock up. Love the shorts – they look great with the jeggings.

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  4. I struggle with Sainsburys. I’m always asking friends where they bought their lovely things from and they say Sainsburys so I go in there all hopeful and wander round lost! I think its because so many things come in sets like the leggings you mentioned, and there’s always one thing that you know they will never wear, another that you love and the third which you are wondering what the hell to put with!

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